Tired Of Cold Floors? Eco Cork Foam Underlayments Can Keep Your Floors Warm!

As we move through the coldest part of the year, many homeowners and flooring contractors are dealing with the frigid results of laminate, tile, and hardwood floors. You may love the beauty and durability of your rigid surfaces, but when it comes to warmth and comfort, your floor system may simply be lacking. Homeowners and contractors alike can benefit from finding a thermally beneficial material when installing new floors this season. Instead of residing at home in your slippers full-time, we recommend investing in a high-quality floor underlayment!

Eco Cork Foam is here to serve as your ultimate underlayment for engineered and natural hardwood, laminate flooring, and more. The unique blend of materials we rely on ensures that residents across the country benefit from the amazing advantages that a premium floor underlayment can provide. Our product is eco-friendly, long-lasting, and very cost-effective. Today, we’ll discuss the many benefits that ECF can provide in homes where warmth and comfort are a top priority. If you’re ready to get started, then be sure to shop The Home Depot online to try a roll!

Thermal Insulation Equates to True Warmth

Setting foot on your cold, hard floors after a day in the freezing weather can prove to be a serious bummer. Waking up in the morning and settling onto freezing floors can inspire even the most motivated individuals to stay in bed all day! Eco Cork Foam’s polyethylene and granulated cork blend delivers the perfect balance of comfort and insulation, achieving thermal insulation rated to an R-value of 0.47. This added layer of insulation can provide considerable comfort for rigid flooring surfaces. While carpet boasts an R-value between 0.7 and 1.05, materials such as vinyl come in at 0.20, with laminate rating around 0.30, and thinner, engineered wood products registering at 0.25. When you factor in the beneficial improvements provided by our laminate and hardwood flooring underlayment, it should be easy to understand why Eco Cork Foam is so valuable for creating warm, welcoming surfaces.

How Do You Calculate R-Values?

This value measures the resistance of heat flow through a flooring material. Laboratories will measure the temperature difference, area being tested, and amount of time elapsed and multiply all three factors to come up with a numeric value. Then, they divide this number by the amount of heat actually lost to create an R-value. Most building materials are tested to provide an R-value, so be sure that you check the specifications of your selected products before getting to work. Otherwise, you may be left with cold toes in the morning!

Cork is an excellent insulator, and is utilized in our floor underlayment to deliver considerable thermal advantages! Check out the insulatory benefits of ECF here before buying today!

Noticeable Differences

If you ask any industry professional about the value of a floor underlayment in terms of thermal insulation, he or she will likely state that it makes a very minute difference. However, pros that have installed our cork-blend underlayment will tell you that the improvements are quite noticeable. ECF’s R-value is among the best in the industry, and can deliver long-lasting results that enhance the daily comfort of your new floors.

Block Vapor and Moisture Buildups

ECF strives to be the best underlayment for hardwood floors, vinyl, laminate, and more. If you are installing your new flooring material over concrete subfloors — especially in the basement — it is vital to employ a high-quality floor underlayment to create a protective layer that keeps moisture and vapor out. Eco Cork Foam features the industry’s only underlayment with a built-in 6 mil barrier, rated at the highest level to keep your surfaces safe. Additionally, this layer of protection helps to prevent heat from being sapped by damp, chilled subfloors.

Planning On Radiant Floor Heating? Use Our Floor Underlayment!

Installing a heated floor can prove to be one of the best choices you’ve ever made when renovating your home. Radiant heating products can be placed beneath your new floors to provide subtle heat that is both warm and welcoming for your family and guests. When it comes to finding the best underlayment for heated floors, you will find that cork underlayments are the best choice. While real cork can deliver amazing results for concrete floors, Eco Cork Foam is tailored to perform amazingly in any application.

Try Eco Cork Foam Today!

Eco Cork Foam is here to provide comfort and warmth throughout the coldest seasons, delivering unsurpassed results for your entire family for years to come. We’re confident that our floor underlayment will provide the best results for your home this winter, and our third-party lab results are here to prove it. Contact us today to learn more about our top-notch products, and be sure to pick up a roll from your local Home Depot to see the ECF difference yourself!