Outstanding Benefits of Eco Cork Foam Underlayment

Customers weigh-in on why you want the # 1 rated Eco Cork Foam Underlayment for under your vinyl plank, laminate or wood floors.

Don’t wait until you go to pick up your flooring order to think about underlayment. If you let this foundational element become an afterthought to your flooring project, you’ll be tempted to buy what’s available at that moment just to get the job done. And, you’ll miss the opportunity to compare the outstanding benefits of Eco Cork Foam with other underlayment options.

Not all underlayments are created equal. Some are better suited to one type of installation than another. For instance, when comparing most products on the market, the choice of underlayment for a basement concrete slab would be different than for the second-story bedroom and different for the primary bathroom. That’s because each type of underlayment has different features that make it the best choice. However, Eco Cork Foam Underlayment has 10 features in every roll, and our customers agree.


10 Outstanding Benefits Home Depot Customers Found in Eco Cork Foam Underlayment


ECF is Waterproof

Eco Cork Foam is the only underlayment with a built-in 6 mil vapor barrier to protect from moisture. This makes it the perfect underlayment for concrete subfloors and basements. Because the vapor barrier is bonded to the underlayment, moisture can’t get trapped between the two layers and installation is much easier. Brenzie1 had plenty to say about ECF’s moisture barrier benefits, too:

An added bonus is that it has a waterproof top that helps with water retention under the LVT. When I pulled up my old Pergo flooring, I found mold and the remains of water puddles under the flooring, so waterproof products are a must in my old Victorian house. I was very pleased with the Eco Cork Foam product and would recommend upgrading to this underlayment for any vinyl flooring installation.


ECF is Comfortable

Eco Cork Foam is ⅛” thick and has an R-value of 0.48. That means it provides serious insulation power and comfort for your feet. Home Depot customer Brenzie1 agrees. Here’s what she had to say about choosing ECF for her recent flooring installation:

I just updated and installed my new LVT floors. I used another brand name foam product for the previous install and upgraded to this wonderful cork product this time around. I love that the cork is thick and bounces back when stepped upon, and it was easy on my knees to install without needing my kneepads.


ECF is Antimicrobial

Dirt happens, especially on your floors. Who knows what the kids have tracked in today, right? You can’t avoid dirt or moisture on your floors but you can avoid the bacteria that these substances attract. ECF Underlayment is infused with antimicrobial protection to prevent microbial growth, control odors, prevent stains and keep your family their healthiest. This is what one Home Depot customer has to say:

Given the below-grade aspect of my project (that used to be carpet), the “dampness” feel and associated odor is totally gone now. The basement is as fresh-feeling and -smelling as the main and third levels of the home. Totally transformed the house. Will use this for all new flooring going forward regardless of location in our home.


ECF is Thick

Due to its proprietary engineering, Eco Cork Foam is thicker and stronger than the competition. Most flooring underlayments are 2mm thick. ECF is 3.2mm. That extra thickness provides cushion, smooths out subfloor imperfections and promotes weight distribution to prevent floor damage. Sometimes, the little things matter. Here’s what UpStateCharlie had to say in his Home Depot review:

With all the underlayment options to choose from, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. After plenty of searching, I ordered a 300’ roll of Eco Cork Foam from Home Depot’s website. The quality difference between this and what they stock [in the store] is that obvious. So, if you want an underlayment that lays dead flat, is firm and supportive yet forgiving with subfloor imperfections, and will make your new flooring feel awesome to walk on, then don’t hesitate. BUY THIS UNDERLAYMENT!!! You won’t be sorry.


ECF is Easy to Install

Because it’s thicker than most other underlayments, Eco Cork Foam is easy to cut without ripping or tearing. It includes self-sealing tape and, because it includes an attached 6 mil vapor barrier, it eliminates the step of installing two separate products. Bill agrees that ECF is easy to install:

This product was easy to install! When completed, our floors were quiet and warm. The vapor barrier film worked well and sealing it was just pulling off the tape strip and overlapping the film flap. Very fast, very simple. The product lays flat and smooth. We had no trouble installing our plank flooring over it.


ECF is Quiet

Third-party testing labs gave Eco Cork Foam some of the highest ratings in the industry for its superior sound control properties. This may not seem important to you until you use an underlayment that doesn’t control sound in the same way. If you cringe every time your creaking floorboards wake the baby, you’ll agree that sound control is as important as does this Home Depot customer:

The Eco Cork Foam really helped cut down acoustic echoes in the house, as well as almost completely removed the hollow knock that laminate can have.


ECF Promotes Even Weight Distribution

Eco Cork Foam’s thickness gives it the substance required to provide even weight distribution from the bottom up. From smoothing out imperfections in the subfloor to preserving the click-lock tongue-and-groove of your flooring product, ECF helps your flooring last longer, especially under the weight of your 50-gallon aquarium:

This underlayment is easy to work with and feels AMAZING. I used this under some engineered bamboo click-lock flooring, and it softens your footsteps beautifully while not feeling squishy or making any kind of noise. My living room also has several very large (600 – 800 lb) arcade machines, and the weight distribution properties of this product help a lot with keeping the floor planks perfectly level.


ECF is Eco-Friendly

Considering people spend most of their life indoors, the indoor air quality of your home or business is important. That’s why Eco Cork Foam is manufactured using a proprietary blend of FSC-certified cork and polyethylene foam. There are no Proposition 65 Chemicals, and it surpasses California’s Section 01350, the most stringent VOC emissions standard in North America. Like you, Eva wanted her family to breathe easier indoors:

Great under Marmoleum click planks…as it’s bacteriostatic, is green, has no VOCs and is mold-resistant. My husband has asthma and lung conditions. Great cork underlayment for using on concrete to protect from moisture.


ECF Provides Value

Value means different things to different people. Some people look solely at the price tag without considering other factors. Eco Cork Foam provides value in several ways. Its superior construction reduces tearing or ripping during installation. Its built-in 6 mil vapor barrier saves on the added cost of purchasing and installing a separate product. And, its thickness provides even weight distribution, which prolongs the life of your flooring product. Gary says it best:

I have used this product for many floor installations. It is a high-end price product compared to thinner poly foam products, but it easily outperforms all others in every aspect. Has a great moisture barrier, lays flat without bunching and wide rolls save time. It’s a few more dollars but gives way more value.


ECF is Strong

Don’t let your flooring come apart at the seams. Eco Cork Foam evens out subfloor imperfections and evenly distributes weight to prevent flooring damage, especially at the tongue and groove. Here’s what Randy had to say:

After much consideration, I went with ECF for my new laminate wood flooring. It was easy to install, and I like that it is thicker and stronger than other underlayments. During installation, I could really tell that this underlayment was going to protect the tongue and groove. I can tell that ECF floors are quieter than the previous laminate flooring I’ve installed. This is a great product. I highly recommend it.


If you’d like more information about the 10 amazing benefits of ECF underlayment, contact an ECF specialist today. Eco Cork Foam is available exclusively at The Home Depot.


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