Our Hardwood Flooring Underlayment Can Enhance Your Floors

When it comes to successfully installing and protecting the new floors in your home or a client’s place, every little detail needs to be done perfectly to ensure an optimal outcome. Throughout any home renovation project, thousands of these minute details must be taken care of thoroughly. Installing a new hardwood floor can provide years of beauty and performance to your family or customers, but only if you take every precaution to ensure that everything holds up to the wear and tear of daily use. Cutting corners during a floor installation can prove to be disastrous, so be sure to include quality support elements such as an underlayment for your hardwood floors.

Eco Cork Foam is proud to be a top provider of hardwood, bamboo, engineered wood, and laminate underlayments, delivering the support and protection that all of these flooring materials need to thrive in a variety of environments. Our foam and cork flooring underlayment provides the perfect blend of durability and quality, creating long-term benefits for your floors that are well worth putting the effort into. Every little detail in flooring can produce big changes in any project, and ECF is proud to provide the best underlayment for hardwood floors. Our product is versatile enough to excel in numerous situations while providing consistent quality day-in and day-out.

Often times, we’ll encounter customers who do not know about the full value of a quality underlayment for wood floors, nor do they know how necessary it is to have this hidden element installed.

The Reasons You Need Hardwood Floor Underlayments

While it would be faster to explain all of the reasons why flooring underlayments are NOT needed beneath hardwood, the Eco Cork Foam team is happy to explain the all-around benefit that our product can provide for your floors. Failing to properly prepare your subfloor before installation can result in poor hardwood performance, reducing the longevity of the material and possibly wasting a lot of the homeowner’s hard-earned money. Whether you’re the proprietor of your own abode or you are a flooring contractor seeking a new floor underlayment to provide better service, Eco Cork Foam is here to help. If you are not an expert in home flooring applications, be sure to read below to catch up on the value of our product.

Sound Reducing Underlayments Produce Happy Inhabitants

Finding an acoustical underlayment that provides the sound-blocking benefits you need can be a challenge, but Eco Cork Foam may be your perfect choice! Apartment buildings, multi-use offices, and homes with plenty of foot traffic can greatly benefit from investing in a sound-reducing underlayment for their hardwood floors. Wood, while durable and beautiful, does not do a great job at muffling sounds. The clear footsteps you hear on your new hardwood will transfer throughout the home, creating the possibility of noise complaints from other house members.

The American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) standard for testing the acoustic benefits of an underlayment relies on three primary acoustic classes for determining the effectiveness of sound transmission:

Insulation (IIC)

Tests the underlayment’s ability to block the sounds that result from an impact, such as a dropped item or regular footfalls. The sound is measured in decibels to see how much sound is blocked by the underlayment. The higher the rating, the more effective your hardwood floor underlayment is at reducing the sounds from dropped cell phones and midnight footsteps to the restroom.

Sound Transmission Class (STC)

Tests the underlayment’s ability to intercept the transference of sound between different spaces. The typical home may be full of different airborne noises, including televisions, conversations, home speaker assistants, and more. The STC is useful for measuring how many decibels are reduced by our foam and cork flooring underlayment.

Delta IIC

A helpful test that simply measures the decibel difference between a bare concrete subfloor and that same floor with an underlayment attached. Delta IIC ratings are often valued as the most insightful value, as the testing method is perfectly consistent for every flooring underlayment that is tested. The rating will be lower, as the decibels are being blocked solely by the underlayment, and the concrete beneath will not aid in reducing any sounds.

The International Building Codes (IBC) have set a minimum standard for acoustical classes in construction, with 50 decibels being the lowest sound resistance possible. Eco Cork Foam held up supremely well to these tests, with IIC rating at 73 dB, STC coming in at 66 dB, and Delta IIC is measured at 23 dB. When compared to other hardwood floor underlayments, ECF turns out to be among the best in terms of acoustic resistance. Your wood floors will be quieter with our floor underlayment, there is no doubt about that!

Floor Underlayments Smooth Out Minor Imperfections

Creating a flooring system for your home that is smooth and stable can be a real challenge for DIYers and industry professionals alike. While nobody enjoys the focus and attention to detail required for a quality outcome, it is nonetheless essential for ensuring that your beautiful new floors look great for the long haul. Any flaws, dips, or damages in the subfloor can create major instability issues for your hardwood products. The rigid nature of wood will protect the floor from minor bumps and marks, but this benefit is balanced with the importance of being level. Laminate flooring, for example, is thinner and much more pliable. Underlayments for hardwood floors do not need to perfect subfloor imperfections, yet our product is able to assist on both fronts.

Applying an underlayment to your hardwood floors will undoubtedly help to create a level, stable surface. Stability is a key ingredient for installing long-lasting wood floors, as small issues can create major headaches over time. Our Eco Cork Foam product is the perfect answer for protecting your new floors.


The thickness of our hardwood floor underlayment is ⅛ of an inch, promoting stronger joints between planks. This thickness also protects tongue and groove connections, creating a floor that is able to hold up well to extended use.


The blend of our floor underlayment helps it last longer, providing extended support and protection for your floors. While inferior subfloor additions wear out and begin to sabotage the unity of hardwood floors, Eco Cork Foam is here to stay.

Damage Resistance:

Being tough is important, and our wood flooring product is here to provide the best protection possible. ECF is tear- and puncture-resistant, keeping the integrity of your underlayment intact throughout the installation process.

When your wood flooring underlayment is built to provide optimal stability, your floors will last longer. That minor detail of which underlayment to use for your new hardwood will now provide years of support and protection thanks to the levelness of the subfloor.

Moisture Barrier Underlayments Protect Against Water

Moisture protection is one of the most important aspects of any flooring underlayment, and its benefits are many for your investment. Simply put, water can cause serious harm to the interior of your home in many areas. When moisture and vapors come into contact with your wood floors from underneath, a variety of problems can develop. Moisture and humidity can accelerate the rates of contraction and expansion during temperature changes, making cracking, crowning, and cupping all adverse issues that may require serious intervention to avoid further problems. In extreme cases, your hardwood flooring can buckle, which consists of the lumber pulling up and away from the subfloor. Standing water, as always, creates a major danger of wood floors, ranging from rot and premature failure to mold and air quality concerns.

Eco Cork Foam was designed to provide superior protection against vapor and moisture issues. Our 6 mil moisture barrier underlayment is built in with the polyethylene foam and cork mixture, creating a seamless protection against issues such as vapor. During the gluing and installation process, vapor is nearly impossible to avoid. With a built-in protection device, you can rest easy knowing that your new floors will be protected water concerns. Our Class 1 vapor barrier far exceeds the thickness and permeability standards set forth by the International Building Codes. Between the perfected vapor protection and the time- and money-saving benefits of our cork flooring underlayment, you’ll be happy you purchased ECF!

Wood Floor Underlayments Provide Insulation

For many people, the shock of setting foot onto the cold hardwood floors first thing in the morning is one experience that does not need to repeat on a daily basis. Your floors can be very cold to the touch, depending on the dampness and composition of the subfloor. Homeowners who decide to place hardwood on their concrete subfloors will soon realize how uncomfortable it can be to walk barefoot across the floors. Wood flooring underlayments are helpful in providing a little extra cushion between these two surfaces, insulating your flooring and providing a boost to temperature retention. While Eco Cork Foam is beneficial in providing superior moisture protection, the vapor avoidance will help in the long-term warmth for your floors.

Underlayments Provide Cushioning, Too

Another positive to the insulatory effects of any hardwood flooring underlayment is the boost in comfort you receive when walking across your new floors. Again, the small things add up over the long term with flooring, and any benefit in the comfort department can play a big role in the overall enjoyment of any flooring system. From homeowners to contractors, the benefit of cushioning will provide comfort every day. When you consider how many times you walk across your floor throughout its lifetime, it can be easy to see just how valuable this aspect is. Small benefits can become major game changers, so be sure you invest in the right product before installing your hardwood floors!

Benefitting From The Value of Eco Cork Foam

With all of these benefits of our wood underlayment for floor applications, you may think that other companies in the industry can match the same level of quality. Eco Cork Foam is built to be the best product, and our passion for the best quality and functionality helps us to provide superior outcomes for homes across the country. When you buy with ECF, you’re getting more than a quality product: you’re also receiving a commitment to excellence.

Made in the USA

Our North Carolina facility is proud to work with local businesses to strengthen the economy while providing employment to hard-working Americans. Our products go through local testing and quality assurance to ensure the best and most consistent outcome in every one of our rolls. Why buy inferior products from overseas when you have a dedicated provider to assist with questions and concerns right here in the heartland of America?

Certified to ISO 9001

Quality is a requirement for some, but for us, it is a lifestyle. Eco Cork Foam’s quality products are made in conjunction with the International Organization for Standardization’s quality management program. Creating a superior product is one thing, but the ISO 9001 holds companies to a higher standard with a strong focus on the customer experience and the continual improvement of goods and services. While being ISO-certified is certainly not mandatory, we’re excited to be a part of this quality standardization company.

Built to Outperform

Every aspect of our production process strives to outperform the competition. Our motivation comes from providing the absolute best underlayment for hardwood floors, and the accolades and endorsements are just a positive consequence. We work hard to create products that are unmatched in value and quality, and we’re excited to pass these benefits onto you for the daily enjoyment of your floors.

Installing a quality underlayment for your hardwood floors will be a very beneficial choice, and Eco Cork Foam is here to help your efforts go further. Every aspect of the ECF line is designed to provide superior support throughout the lifetime of your floors. Our wood flooring underlayments are available at your local Home Depot store, so be sure to stop by in person or buy online to see the quality difference for your hardwood! Got questions? Fill out the form below, and we’ll be sure to get in touch with you ASAP!