Your “Is it Time for New Flooring?” Checklist

Sometimes, you can just tell when part of your house needs work. Like when you find a section of wind-blown shingles hanging from a tree. Not good. Other times, you’re not 100% sure what’s going on. Both can be the case with flooring. Is it time to replace yours? If you can check off any of these boxes, then the answer is “Yes.”




1. You No Longer Love the Look


You used to be head over heels for that rich, cherry look. Now, you can’t stand it. It’s OK, you two had a good run, but it’s time to move on. HomeTalk blogger Viktor from TheDIYPlan did just that. Tired of staring at scuffs and scratches, he put down fresh, new laminate himself, complete with Eco Cork Foam Underlayment. Here’s why DIYers like him choose our underlayment:

  • Install-Ready – It’s equipped with a built-in vapor barrier and self-sealing tape. Plus, Eco Cork Foam cuts easily but resists tearing.
  • Thickness – At ⅛” thick, it’s cushiony, making it easy on your knees during install. It also smooths out any subfloor imperfections.
  • Absorbs Sound – Eco Cork Foam makes for a quiet floor. Go ahead, let your eight-year-old play dress-up and clomp around in heels.

That’s just the start. Hear what Home Depot customers say are their favorite benefits of Eco Cork Foam.


2. You Just Bought a Fixer-Upper


You signed the papers, but it’s not real until you turn the key — and it opens. This is your house now. The shedding ceiling, cracked paint, what can only be described as grandma’s light fixtures and that old, dingy carpet. It’s all yours to fix. You’ve got this! HomeTalk blogger and fixer-upper Lia with Southern Yankee DIY is here to help. Some tips:

  • Start with the Ceiling – Scrape the ceiling off first, letting all those bits fall onto the old carpet. Then rip out that yucky carpet. This’ll make cleanup much easier.
  • Shop Around for Flooring – Fresh carpet, laminate, vinyl, tile or hardwood? It’s a big decision. Take time to think it through. You’ll be glad you did.
  • Don’t Forget Underlayment – Before you lay down new flooring, install a waterproof underlayment like Eco Cork Foam, which is made for vinyl plank, laminate and wood. It’ll keep moisture out, plus it’s infused with antimicrobial technology. That’s fancy for, “Bye-bye, funky smells.” Doing carpet? Check out our waterproof carpet underlayment Lifeproof Carpet Cushion.

For the full step-by-step process, head to Lia’s HomeTalk project page.


3. Your Carpet Is Worn and Disgusting


Maybe it’s just old, or maybe it’s your dog’s zoomies. At 4pm every day, like clockwork. Either way, your carpet is looking rough. Tears, worn patches, matting and fraying are all signs that you need new flooring. Why not scrap carpeting altogether and try something that’s easier to maintain? Our top recommendations:

  • Engineered Hardwood – Looks just like real wood but is more affordable, resistant to moisture and easier to install. Before you start laying down planks, put down a quality underlayment like ECF first. It will save you from wear and tear by absorbing the impact of foot (and paw) traffic. Take that, zoomies!
  • Vinyl – Got expensive taste but a tight budget? Vinyl flooring can mimic wood planks, stone tile and glossy marble. Just don’t skimp on underlayment. Waterproof and durable, Eco Cork Foam Underlayment is one of the best ways to ensure your new floors last.
  • Laminate – Just like vinyl, laminate can resemble pricier materials like wood and stone. It also calls for underlayment. ECF is your number one, with an all-in-one vapor barrier to keep moisture out. Especially needed if you have concrete subfloors since they’re porous.



Did you make our list? New flooring, here you come! Before you start shopping, check out these easy ways to cut project costs. You’ll be all like:


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