Eco Cork Foam Goes National

Friends, it’s official. Eco Cork Foam Underlayment is on sale nationwide at The Home Depot. That means it’s available at a store near you, and you and you. A big reason for our success is the many industrious, quality-conscious shoppers who have purchased Eco Cork Foam, making it a consistently top-rated product at The Home Depot.

Another reason for this success is our exclusive relationship with The Home Depot. This exclusivity has allowed us to support the product in a comprehensive way, through our packaging, in-store displays and educational material. Our goal has always been to educate shoppers on the importance of underlayment so that they can make the right choice for their flooring project. It’s our belief that success is not measured by how many people buy Eco Cork Foam, but how many people buy it again.

For consumers who aren’t flooring professionals, we know that underlayment is a confusing category with lots of products, wide-ranging price points, and features and benefits that don’t always line up with your flooring choice. At Eco Cork Foam, we’ve helped eliminate some of this confusion with our in-store materials. We’ve supplied stores with in-store samples and marketing materials to help shoppers make the best choice for their project. Ultimately, we believe that the more shoppers know about underlayment, the more they will choose Eco Cork Foam Underlayment.



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About Us

Eco Cork Foam Underlayment is manufactured in North Carolina by Palziv, North America. Palziv brings together world-class science and engineering to deliver innovative products, materials and services for the construction, building, automotive, recreational, medical and packaging industries. Every day, we strive to grow our community, working with others to seek sustainable, innovative, market-driven solutions that promote better, safer, and healthier lifestyles and protect the environment for generations to come.