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Customer Reviews

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  1. I Would Buy Again

    The product is of very high quality and goes down rather nicely. They also include a roll of tape with each roll of underlayment which is a great little bonus. The plastic vapor barrier is substantial and includes an extra 3inch overlap to be taped to the next row. I did a sound test using various objects on the floor with underlayment and without on a concrete floor. Quite frankly we could notice very little difference but it has to be providing some sound deadening. Either way now that the floor is finished we are happy with the choice of underlayment. It was a little pricier than previous products I used but also of better quality IMHO. For my personal use I would buy again.

  2. Virtually Eliminated the Sound

    This product has virtually eliminated the sound from the laminate floors on the second level. The laminate flooring is now very comfortable to walk on. I would recommend this product for anyone seeking sound dampening and cushion under the flooring.

  3. Excellent Soundproofing

    A little tricky to keep flat while installing, but not bad.
    Excellent soundproofing quality which is what I was after.
    If you have floor outlets this may work better for you since
    it is just a little thicker than some other underlayments.
    Worked perfect for my floor outlet. – I replaced carpet and padding
    with a floating hardwood floor.

  4. Would Definitely Use Again

    Very nice to work with. Makes the floors feel great plus it has some sound absorbing qualities and water barrier. Would definitely use again.

  5. Better Vapor Seal

    I have been spoiled by laminate with the pad attached all ready. But think dealing with a concrete slab I like this pad better because of a better vapor seal.

  6. Really Reduced the Sound

    Great product and really reduced the sound under our engineered bamboo we used. I was going to use red rosin paper and realize on such expensive floor. Underlayment is incredibly important and needed for good sound insulation and moisture barrier. It’s 1/8 inch thick and doesn’t reduce over time

  7. Five Star Product

    Light and easy to handle. Cuts easily with shears or a utility knife. Has some of the best cushion I’ve ever installed. Vapor barrier is heavy-duty and should be pretty impermeable. Lays down easily and stays in place better than cheaper alternatives. As long as I can find it in the future, it’ll be the only underlayment I’ll use… Five star product!

  8. Quiet and easy to install.

    Quiet and easy to install. Recommend for anyone trying to reduce sound to lower levels

  9. Good Sound Dampener

    Easy to install. Good sound dampener.

  10. This stuff is amazing!

    This stuff is amazing. It has noticeably reduced the draft in this room. I will be putting this down every time I install flooring now. I’ve also noticed a reduction in noise with just walking on this floor. Easy install. Had no problems at all


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