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7966 NC 56 HWY
Louisburg, NC 27549

P: (833) 387-5924

Customer Reviews

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  1. Simple Installation

    This seems to be a good product. We used a 12mm laminate wood on top. Our main living room and hallways have been complete for about 3 weeks. The Eco Cork foam real ly helped cut down acoustic echoes in the house as well almost completely removing th…Read More

  2. So Good

    This was a new product to the contractor who installed the floors. He said this was one of the best underlays he's used. The project is still under construction, but the floors feel so good to walk on.…Read More

  3. Worth It

    Expensive, but worth it. The best underlayment I have used for engineered hardwood. Quality product that is super tough; will not tear, wrinkle, or break apart. Use it on wood or concrete subfloor. I saved by ordering the larger roll online for home …Read More

  4. Super Easy to Install

    Provided a great underlayment - super easy to install…Read More

  5. Feel the Cushioned Difference

    The first time I walked on the floor that included the Eco Cork Foam Underlayment, I could feel the cushioned difference than the underlayment a friend had used. Worth the difference in price!…Read More

  6. Excellent Product

    Excellent product! We used nearly 1000 sf of this product under our engineered bamboo. The larger 300 sf rolls required less taping on ends.…Read More

  7. Great Product and Great Deal

    Great product and great deal for the bundle pack!…Read More

  8. Great Warming Feel

    Product performs as advertised, great warming feel and sound deadening seems to work great.…Read More

  9. Not a Big Problem Rolling Back on Itself

    Easy to work with, not a big problem rolling back on itself... the self adhesive easily keeps the cork-foam in place. I really like how you can just wipe away saw dust/debris before laying the next board. I hope it lasts year after year, I'll try to …Read More

  10. It was easy to lay.

    It was easy to lay.…Read More

  11. Durable and Well Made

    Easy to install. Durable and well made product.…Read More

  12. Made in the USA!

    Easy to put down and it’s made in the USA!…Read More

  13. Easy to work with this product

    Easy to work with this product…Read More

  14. Gives Quality to My Floor

    Easy to install. Gives quality to my floor.…Read More

  15. Looks and Feels Great!

    Love this! Coupled it with the bamboo flooring, floated them, and they look and feel great!…Read More

  16. Clean Seam

    Very easy to work with and cut. The overlapping plastic is easy to stick to the other end providing a clean seam.…Read More

  17. Easy to Cut

    Product is very easy to install, easy to cut to form. The reason I did not give it 5 stars is its cost. Its expensive.…Read More

  18. Great Product

    Great product. The Home Depot flooring specialist was able to review the advantages of each underlayment product with me. In the end, for various reasons, the Eco Cork product emerged as the best buy. While more expensive, it offered all of the other…Read More

  19. So Much Quieter

    So much quieter than the other brands I have used!…Read More

  20. Easy to Use

    Very easy to use and nice to know it’s environmentally safe.…Read More


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