What’s Lurking Under Your Floors?

Name one thing you come into contact with every day. Yes, “nosey neighbor” is one of them, but the answer we’re looking for here is your floors. From chasing your littles ones to trying out new yoga poses, we spend a good chunk of our lives on our feet. But not much time wondering what’s beneath them. Let’s take a look.



First Things First: Subfloors

  • Made from Concrete

If you were to rip up your floorboards, youd see a subfloor made of either concrete or wood. If concrete, thered also be a vapor barrier — and, if youre lucky, an underlayment like Eco Cork Foam. Its the only underlayment that offers 10-in-1 features, including sound and moisture control, thickness for strength and more.

  • Made from Wood

Wood subfloors are just plywood or OSB (oriented strand board). While they do best with an underlayment, its not always included as part of the install process. Thats because not all flooring manufacturers require it — but they should. Ideal features for a wood subfloor underlayment would be sound dampening and comfort. Eco Cork Foam delivers these features and more.



No Underlayment? It Might Be Scary Under There.


Mold Monsters

You know how your kids think there are monsters under everything? This time, they could be right. Were talking about mold. Without a waterproof underlayment, moisture can seep into your subfloor and fester. Thats when the mold monsters come out to play. You can avoid them by laying down Eco Cork Foam first. It’s impermeable to moisture throughout. Plus, Eco Cork Foam is the ONLY underlayment with a 6 mil vapor barrier, making it the most advanced all-in-one underlayment on the market.


Hungry Microbes (aka Bacteria)

Picture this: Colonies of bacteria-carrying microbes feasting on your subfloor. OK, so you cant technically see these guys, but you can see the stains they leave. And dont get us started on that smell. Thats why its important to include a quality underlayment in your flooring install. Eco Cork Foam is infused with antimicrobial protection, which inhibits the growth of odor-causing mold, mildew and bacteria, making it a solid choice. That’s peace of mind for you, your family and your pets.


Cringe-Worthy Chemicals

Maybe you do find an underlayment under there. It could actually be doing more bad than good for you. Some cheaper versions of underlayment contain high levels of VOCs. Yuck. Look for an underlayment you can feel good about: Eco Cork Foam. Made in the USA, it’s the safest and most eco-friendly flooring underlayment. ECF is Green Label Plus-certified, uses no Proposition 65 chemicals and surpasses Californias Section 01350, the most stringent volatile organic compounds (VOCs) emissions standard in North America. What a breath of fresh air.



Have the subfloor scaries? We did, too, until we created Eco Cork Foam — the #1-rated underlayment for laminate, vinyl plank and wood floors. Grab a roll today and roll away those fears.