The Benefits of Using Our Waterproof Flooring Underlayment

Moisture is essential for life, but when it comes to keeping your home’s interior protected, spills and puddles can prove to be very costly. Homeowners and contractors alike can benefit from the peace of mind associated with protecting costly flooring investments from dangers lurking below the surface. Any moisture left in the subfloor can make contact with the bottom of your flooring material, creating major headaches along the way. Instead of risking the comfort and dryness of your floor, you can choose to invest in a quality underlayment instead.

Eco Cork Foam is here to provide complete protection for all types of flooring materials. Our flooring underlayment is suited for laminate, vinyl, and hardwood. If you’re on this post because you’re worried about the dangers of moisture impacting your new floors, keep reading to learn more about the benefits of ECF.

Prevent Damage to Laminate, Hardwood, and More

Eco Cork Foam is the ONLY flooring underlayment that comes with a built-in 6-mil moisture and vapor barrier. This helps to simplify the installation process while also providing lifelong protection for your new floor. While many products can claim to be water-resistant, ECF is here to state that our underlayment is waterproof. No moisture gets in, period. Save time and money while keeping your floors safe with our industry-leading barrier!

Moisture can sneak in through several different means, which often creates a lot of stress for homeowners and contractors. To minimize any long-term dangers (or serious wear and tear), it’s recommended to support your new floor system with an underlayment and vapor barrier rated to keep moisture out. In some cases, homeowners will need to consider the humidity of their subfloor before starting work.

Consider Environmental Factors

Based on the time of year and weather during the time of your installation, you can expect varying degrees of moisture. If your building was not climate-controlled throughout the project, then there is a danger of moisture residing in wood subfloors. DIYers who do not check the moisture of their subfloor before installation may end up dealing with warped flooring later on.

Subfloors can shift and change due to ongoing wear and tear. If one small crack were to develop, then homes with higher moisture levels would be at risk for small amounts of water infiltration. These minor leaks may not be noticeable, or they may create serious aesthetic problems.

Always Protect From Concrete Subfloors

Many homeowners choose to finish their concrete floor in the basement, which can add comfort and value to the property. However, it’s essential to bear in mind that concrete’s porous nature can create serious dangers for any flooring materials present. Vapors can penetrate the bottom of the floors and begin the breakdown process.

If you’re installing new flooring over concrete, or the room you’re finishing is frequently exposed to moisture, then it is highly recommended to find a flooring underlayment and vapor barrier to keep your investment safe. Products such as Eco Cork Foam come with a barrier pre-attached to help save time and simplify the installation process.

360 Degrees of Protection

Eco Cork Foam is designed to serve as your best underlayment for laminate, hardwood, vinyl, and more. Our flooring underlayment relies on a proven design to deliver the moisture protection needed for most home flooring projects, but it can also help in other ways.

Did you know that ECF makes floors more comfortable? The insulative properties of our underlayment adds warmth and comfort for all of life’s activities. With a thermal insulation rating (R-value) of 0.48 and the ability to be used in radiant flooring systems, Eco Cork Foam is ready to warm your home.

Our flooring underlayment can also enhance the lifespan of your new floors. Eco Cork Foam is only 1/8th of an inch thick, providing stronger joint protection to improve the finish of your tongue and groove connections. Our product is almost half as thin as the competition, delivering rigid support for every square foot in your home.

Eco Cork Foam can also improve the acoustics of your home. Our cork and polyethylene flooring underlayment absorbs impact and airborne sounds, reducing the disruptions in residences or businesses with multiple inhabitants. Our product has been rated to reduce the sound transmission from footfalls, dropped objects, voices, televisions, and more. The result is more peace and privacy for everyone.

Try a Roll Today!

No other flooring underlayment rates or performs as well as Eco Cork Foam. Our products are built to last and are manufactured in the U.S.A. If you’re ready to make the right investment in protecting your floors, then you can buy now online, or stop by your local Home Depot® for a roll. Have questions? You can contact us online for complete assistance. We look forward to helping you improve your floors!