Protects for a Longer Floor Life

ECF Strength Infographic ECF’s 1/8” (3.2mm) thickness and overall design enhances the structural foundation for your floors, and allows your floors to naturally flex under normal to high weight stress-loads.
underlayment thicknessECF produces an even-leveled smoothness on which to install your floors by accounting for minor subfloor imperfections. This helps protect the tongue and groove floor connections by providing a solid floor foundation for a variety of flooring applications.

The thickness of our cork flooring underlayment also helps minimize oscillations and vibrations from even the thinnest floorboard. Its tear and puncture resistance assures the underlayment is not structurally compromised during installation. A sound-reducing overlay has never been so good for hardwood flooring applications!

One of Eco Cork Foam’s first guiding design principles was the development of an underlayment that would boost a floor’s stability in order to provide greater reliability to the tongue 

and groove connection of floating floor systems, and to account for the flooring’s natural expansion and contraction, including the shifting and settling of a home’s foundation.

Underlayment Thickness

ECF’s cork-foam compression and elasticity properties, in conjunction with its built-in 6 mil barrier, makes ECF a premium all-inclusive underlayment best adaptable to light, moderate and high traffic applications.

Learn more about the unique benefits of our laminate underlayment, as well as the peace of mind afforded to those installing luxury vinyl flooring. ECF strives to be the best flooring underlayment for vinyl planks, and offers unbeatable support for click-lock connections. Have questions? Contact us now to learn more!

Before laying your flooring, be sure to pick up a roll of our cork flooring underlayment to benefit from the best strength in the industry!