Whether you are a professional contractor or a DIYer, installing a new floor is the perfect time to consider investing in a flooring underlayment for the right level of support and comfort. If you plan on installing laminate, natural or engineered hardwood, or any other rigid surface, it is essential to take extra steps to protect your flooring from moisture and vapor. This extra layer of protection can provide considerable peace of mind when you are installing in high-moisture areas or on concrete subfloors.

Installing a flooring underlayment can provide long-lasting results for your floor system, and Eco Cork Foam is proud to announce that our product comes with a built-in moisture barrier for the best results. Our hardwood and laminate underlayments are waterproof, ensuring no moisture penetrates your floors from beneath. ECF comes with a 6 mil vapor barrier, which equates to 0.006 of an inch. Our floor underlayments are rated to provide a lifelong shield for all subfloors, relying on the quality of our Class 1 vapor retarder to deliver industry-leading results.

Our waterproof underlayment for hardwood and laminate products delivers complete protection against the most critical danger in flooring applications. Eco Cork Foam saves you time and money while keeping your floors safe for years of quality use. Ready to feel the quality for yourself? Contact us online or fill out the form below to get started!

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