Prevents Premature Floor Damage

At 1/8” (or 3.2 mm) thick, ECF is stronger and thicker than the competition. ECF’s added substance promotes even weight distribution, thus preventing premature floor damage. Extra padding means ECF can easily smooth out subfloor imperfections and secure tongue and groove floor connections. Stronger joints mean more stable floors and longer floor life. More padding also means more cushion, a benefit that feet and joints will most definitely appreciate.

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Why it Matters

Performance is tied to several factors, and load-bearing capacity is just one. Underlayments provide valuable protection for your flooring. Beginning with the bottom up, underlayments smooth out minor subfloor imperfections, ensuring your floor lays correctly and protecting and preserving tongue-and-groove connections. That applies to any flooring type, including laminate, vinyl and wood floors.

When you consider the life of your flooring, it’s easy to see how wear and tear can take a toll on your floor. Having an underlayment that can help share that load and support your flooring can make a big difference. Comfort, warmth and noise are also important considerations. Likewise, a good underlayment can improve insulation properties, reduce walking fatigue and help your flooring to feel better under your feet. If you’ve ever walked barefoot across a soft, warm, solid floor and took notice, the odds are high that it was a quality underlayment that made it memorable.

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