Roughly Twice as Thick as the Competition

At 1/8” or 3.2 mm thick, ECF is roughly twice as thick as the competition. This thickness translates into a layer of cushion beneath your floors that your feet and joints will appreciate. This padding also smooths out subfloor imperfections and promotes even weight distribution to prevent floor damage. ECF makes for stronger joints, more stable floors and longer floor life. With an R value of 0.48, ECF also insulates floors and reduces drafts.

Why it Matters

Almost every type of flooring requires some amount of cushion between it and the subfloor below. Most flooring manufacturers will include recommendations for underlayment to help select the best product for your flooring. Likewise, most manufacturer warranties are contingent on following the recommended minimums.

Underlayments provide valuable protection for your flooring. Beginning with the bottom up, underlayments smooth out minor subfloor imperfections, ensuring your floor lays correctly and protecting and preserving tongue-and-groove connections. Comfort, warmth and noise are other benefits that come with a premium thickness.

Quality underlayments are used to improve acoustical properties by minimizing the sounds caused by foot traffic and by reducing the transmission of sounds. Likewise, a good underlayment can improve insulation properties, reduce walking fatigue and help your flooring to feel better under your feet. If you’ve ever walked barefoot across a soft, warm, solid floor and took notice, the odds are high that it was a quality underlayment that made it memorable.

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