Serious Insulation and Draft Reduction

At 1/8” or 3.2 mm thick, ECF is roughly twice as thick as the competition. This density equates to an R value of 0.48, which means that ECF provides serious insulation, not to mention its capacity to reduce drafts. More padding also means more cushion beneath your feet. That’s a benefit that tired toes and joints will undoubtedly appreciate. ECF easily smooths out subfloor imperfections and promotes even weight distribution to prevent floor damage. Smoother subfloors make for stronger joints, more stable floors and, ultimately, longer floor life.

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Why it Matters

For many homeowners, adding an underlayment to their floor is a game-changer in terms of comfort. With any flooring, adding a layer of cushion and insulation beneath your flooring can significantly improve the experience. The comfort that comes from an 1/8” of foam and cork beneath your flooring is an experience your feet and joints will appreciate.

Eco Cork Foam’s polyethylene and granulated cork blend delivers the perfect balance of comfort and insulation, achieving thermal insulation rated to an R-value of 0.48. This added layer of insulation can provide considerable comfort for rigid flooring surfaces. While carpet boasts an R-value between 0.7 and 1.05, materials such as vinyl come in at 0.20, with laminate rating around 0.30, and thinner, engineered wood products registering at 0.25. When you factor in the beneficial improvements provided by our laminate and hardwood flooring underlayment, it should be easy to understand why Eco Cork Foam is so valuable for creating warm, welcoming surfaces.

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