ECF Discusses When A Laminate Underlayment Is Not Necessary

In the world of flooring installation, there are many techniques and products available to help enhance the comfort and purpose of nearly any space. When it comes to residential and multi-family projects, a laminate flooring underlayment can prove very useful, but it is not always necessary. Certain building applications, restraints, and other factors can all influence the overall value of a laminate underlayment for your new floors. Builders and homeowners alike will be tasked with determining whether the overall benefits outweigh the costs.

Eco Cork Foam is here to serve as the best underlayment for laminate flooring projects nationwide. Our proprietary blend of polyethylene foam and granulated cork combine to deliver the highest level of support, protection, and comfort for any space.

Our product is designed for optimal performance, but you may elect not to use a floor underlayment for your home. Today, we’ll highlight a few scenarios that may influence your decision. If you’re ready to benefit from the support and comfort of ECF, be sure to buy a roll from your local Home Depot or online at!

Budgetary Restraints

Many floor underlayments are designed to provide superior support but at a cost. You may be surprised to learn that premium laminate underlayments come with a much higher price tag compared to more common flooring combinations. If cost is a major restraint, and the space you are installing flooring in is not essential for daily use, a floor underlayment may not be needed. Homeowners running on a smaller budget may need to weigh the cost of their laminate underlayment against the total value of the project.

Keep in mind that doing this leaves your floor open to an array of concerns. Eco Cork Foam is here to provide affordable protection that is sure to exceed your expectations for the price. At a cost of less than 75 cents per square foot, ECF is affordable and offers long-term support. You can also buy in bulk to save even more money!

Ideal Subfloor Conditions

One of the most recognizable benefits of a floor underlayment is its ability to smooth out minor subfloor imperfections. Even the best subfloors out there have some form of defect, and while small, these minor problems can do much to offset the smoothness and stability of your new surface. The connections between your planks rely on a uniformly smooth surface for the best results. If the subfloor happens to be perfectly smooth, such as new plywood or OSB boards, a laminate underlayment may not be needed.

In many cases, the subfloor will be full of imperfections, including:

  • Dents from impacts
  • Rips from removing previous materials
  • Mortar from the old tile
  • Glues, adhesives, and other bonding elements

Eco Cork Foam is designed to provide ideal support for your laminate flooring, delivering a quality buffer between the surface and the imperfections beneath. You’ll be left with a smooth, strong floor that is ready to last for years.

Dry Conditions

Homeowners installing their laminate flooring in areas with very few moisture concerns may be able to get away with not using an underlayment, but keep in mind that the conditions of your subfloor need to be dry year-round, as any moisture can hurt the integrity of your new flooring system. One approach is to install your laminate planks on an appropriate base, such as vinyl flooring. This material will provide an effective barrier against moisture, keeping your laminate safe for years to come. In conditions where moisture is a concern, ECF has been rated to be up to the task.

Pre-Attached Flooring Underlayments

In many cases, homeowners will find that their flooring comes with a laminate underlayment already attached. This attached underlayment is now more common than ever, as it tends to provide the most convenience for builders and DIYers. Factory-fit underlayments are marketed to have an ideal fit, precisely conforming to the flooring materials for optimal results. If you have a pre-attached laminate underlayment, we recommend skipping additional underlayments!

Most often, manufacturers will recommend that you install a vapor barrier along with pre-installed underlayment. Many homeowners fail to do their research, leaving their laminate flooring open to a range of moisture concerns. Eco Cork Foam is here to serve as your comprehensive floor underlayment, delivering the highest-rated moisture protection in the industry. If your floors do not have a pre-attached underlayment or that underlayment is not up to your standards, be sure to check out ECF!

No Acoustical Concerns

In some spaces, the sound transmission may not be a particular concern. Single-level homes, outdoor living spaces, and exterior structures require little in terms of acoustic measures, as these floors are often placed directly over the earth. As opposed to apartment buildings, rooms that do not require sound protection can elect not to invest in a laminate underlayment.

Builders and homeowners in need of superior sound control can benefit from our unique floor underlayments. Eco Cork Foam is built to provide outstanding acoustic protection, blocking much of the sound associated with normal living. If your space will be used in a multi-person dwelling, it pays to invest in the best underlayment for laminate flooring.

In many cases, a laminate underlayment is very beneficial, but it is not always necessary. Certain subfloor conditions may make it beneficial to install your planks straight on, but in most scenarios, our underlayment can prove very advantageous. Eco Cork Foam is here to provide outstanding support for many flooring applications, delivering affordable and eco-friendly results nationwide. Contact us today to learn more about the advantages of our floor underlayments, and be sure to buy a roll to see the difference for yourself!