When it comes time for you to install new flooring, it pays to invest in quality components to ensure the best possible outcome. Modern technology has allowed to us craft top-quality flooring materials that create stunning displays of style, helping to optimize your home’s aesthetic value. In fact, the act of combining your flooring material with a suitable underlayment can result in big returns for your investment. Eco Cork Foam® is here to be your go-to cork flooring underlayment hybrid, consisting of a proprietary foam and cork blend that works to outperform and outlast rival products.

Our eco-friendly material is designed to deliver the best outcome for your new flooring system, providing the support and protection needed to hold up in any application.

The Popularity of Laminate Flooring

While relatively unknown over the decades, laminate flooring is quickly becoming a go-to choice for many constructors and homeowners. Being able to install the product yourself through a quick and easy process makes this a top choice for DIYers. Laminate flooring is also affordable, minimizing material and labor costs to produce a very cost-effective product. Maintenance and care is also a breeze, as simple cleaning measures are all that is often needed to keep the floor looking shiny and fresh. Best of all, newer innovations have helped to make laminate resemble quality hardwood, mimicking different species and patterns accurately enough to deliver an appearance that you can be proud of.

While laminate flooring is gaining steam as a go-to flooring product, it can still benefit greatly from support items such as a quality underlayment.

Do You Need a Laminate Underlayment?

The simplest answer is often the most accurate one: yes! While laminate flooring is versatile and sturdy, it is not intended to be installed without a quality underlayment to provide the performance and protection your floor needs for years of enjoyment. Regardless of your flooring application, it needs an underlayment. Numerous laminate floor products come with an underlayment pre-attached for your convenience. While definitely quick and convenient, this attached perk is often not enough to provide the superior quality many specialists and contractors expect. Additionally, a vapor barrier is recommended on top of the underlayment to optimize protection and performance. Utilizing a quality moisture barrier underlayment is useful for getting the absolute most out of your new flooring.

Benefiting from Quality

While there are numerous laminate underlayment options available, investing in a quality product that sets the standard for flooring is a great way to go. Eco Cork Foam is your source for the best underlayment in the industry, providing numerous advantages over the competition. The quality of your flooring underlayment has a direct impact on the longevity and enjoyability of your new floors. ECF’s quality design and professional construction ensure that customers benefit from:

Noise Reduction

While laminate is designed to mimic vibrant hardwood floors, the truth is that the product itself is very thin. Thinner materials tend to allow for more sound transmission, disturbing the quality of life for residents who have to listen to footsteps and other sounds originating from their upstairs neighbors. Our proprietary technology aims to minimize impact noise and sound transmission for both commercial and residential buildings, delivering superior performance in insulating unwanted noises. Our cork flooring underlayment is ideal for laminate products, as extensive testing has revealed. ECF is proud to be among the highest-rated underlayments in the industry, delivering the best solutions for condominiums, apartments, office buildings, and more.

Moisture Protection

Installing a moisture barrier is essential for protecting your flooring for the trials that lay ahead. While laminate is highly resistant to moisture, it can suffer immensely if water penetrates into its core, creating health and structural concerns for your home. Eco Cork Foam’s Class 1 vapor barrier is rated to offer the highest level of moisture protection. Our 6-mil barrier ensures that no moisture accumulation occurs between the barrier and the underlayment itself. Best of all, you can save time and money knowing that all of our foam flooring underlayment comes with a vapor barrier pre-attached.

Added Strength

The thin and pliable nature of laminate can make quality installation a challenge for many craftsmen. Being able to smooth out any imperfections on your concrete or wood subfloor is essential for creating a stable surface. If not done perfectly, imperfections in the subfloor can sap the performance of your laminate. Eco Cork Foam is designed to add strength and protection where it is needed most, delivering a 3.2mm thickness that works to create a sturdy system. The thickness helps to protect the connections between tongue and groove joints, delivering superior durability over the years. Our laminate underlayment is also tear- and puncture-resistant, delivering a study barrier for the long haul.

In all, our Eco Cork Foam works to elongate the lifespan of your flooring, delivering strength and support where it is needed most. Our foam flooring underlayment is also useful in delivering a more realistic feel to match the wood pattern of your laminate. Without this support, it quickly becomes clear that you are walking on an economical flooring option.

Eco-Friendly Considerations

Another facet of ECF to feel good about is how eco-friendly our product can be. Our product is infused with antimicrobial protection, delivering a healthy environment for your family. Additionally, our ultra-low emission of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) surpass the North American Emissions Standards. Each roll of Eco Cork Foam is crafted from a renewable lumber source, promoting responsible lumber practices in the process.

Regardless of your skill or application, it pays to supplement your laminate flooring with the best underlayment in the business. Investing in the product beneath your flooring surface can prove to have the biggest impact, delivering years of enjoyment. A general rule in the industry is to purchase the best underlayment you can afford, as price is directly tied to quality. Eco Cork Foam is here to be your source for top-notch, affordable underlayment options to optimize your project!

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How to Install Eco Cork Foam Laminate Underlayment