Dealing With Uneven Subfloors? Trust Eco Cork Foam As Your Go-To Flooring Underlayment

DIYers and flooring contractors alike face one major challenge when it comes to installing new materials — Creating a sturdy, smooth subfloor that helps to deliver long-lasting value and comfort. It is vital to spend the proper amount of time and energy cleaning and preparing your subfloor to prepare for a new surface. Failure to do so (especially over concrete!) can result in compromised results and reduced material lifespans.

Anyone planning on installing new floors can rely on Eco Cork Foam to serve as their best underlayment for both hardwood and laminate flooring applications. ECF consists of a perfected polyethylene and granulated cork blend to deliver the best balance for flooring projects of all types. Our product also comes with a built-in 6 MIL moisture and vapor barrier to further protect your investment for years to come.

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Before you begin installing your beautiful new floors, be sure to read about problems concerning your subfloor and the causes of uneven surfaces. If you’re ready to see and feel the Eco Cork Foam difference, be sure to buy a roll today!

Why Worry About Your Subfloors?

Hardwood and laminate flooring can provide considerable beauty for your home for years to come, but it’s important to remember that the surface beneath the floor plays a major role in determining how successful this installation ultimately is. Before you write off this blog post as “overkill,” be sure to read through and learn about how even the most minor problems can result in concerning setbacks over the lifetime of your new floors.

Longevity Is Essential

Everyone wants to receive the best return on their investment (ROI), and the quality of the subfloor can do much to increase or decrease a new floor’s value and life expectancy. Homeowners hoping to make quality changes that will raise the value of their properties need to focus on their subfloors first and foremost to ensure that the support system for their costly flooring materials is in place and reliable enough for decades of service.

Weak Points Should Be Fixed

Some subfloors may have spots that are weak or soft. To create a sturdy outcome that will not fail under heavy furniture or continual foot traffic, it helps to inspect the surface beneath your new flooring material to check for signs of trouble. Remedying this problem now can boost the life expectancy of your new floor system, as well as prevent any unwanted issues later on.

Noise Minimization Matters!

Minor imperfections in the subfloor can result in a surface that does not fit perfectly. In many cases, low-quality plywood or OSB subfloors can result in squeaking and creaking when walked upon. Over time, these issues can worsen, resulting in loud foot traffic that can seriously disrupt the comfort and serenity of your home.

Eco Cork Foam is proud to be your trusted floor underlayment, and the acoustical advantages of our product are hard to beat! ECF can provide the support and levelness needed in a subfloor, but our acoustic underlayment also boasts some of the best sound insulation in the industry. Check out the results of our third-party lab tests here!

Comfortable Outcomes Are Preferred

One issue that you may not notice until later on is a discrepancy in the comfort of your new flooring. Minor issues that provided little warning during the installation process can lead to uncomfortable outcomes, including high points, depressions, and more. This problem plays no role in the beauty of your floors, yet it can prove disconcerting to walk across a bumpy surface with your bare feet.

What Causes Uneven Subfloors?

While the problems beneath your floors can be repaired, they are often impossible to avoid before installing new floors. Before you get to work, it can help to know that your subfloors may have been affected by:

  • Age — Over the years, seasonal changes and heavy use can begin to mar the seamless surface of your subfloor. Older concrete and plywood subfloors can create a wide range of imperfections over time, all of which need to be addressed before laying new materials.
  • Moisture — Homes with moisture in the subfloor can lead to warps and splitting, both of which can easily disrupt the value of any high-quality flooring material. Before you begin work, it is vital to ensure that your new floors are protected from moisture concerns.
  • Settling — Compacting or missing soils can result in the settlement around the home, possibly impacting how to level your subfloor is. In these cases, it’s important to take extra steps to raise your subfloor to create a level surface, ready for new materials.
  • Improper installations — Some floors may be doomed from the start if the surface beneath is not installed correctly.

The Value of Eco Cork Foam

Our top-notch floor underlayment is designed to enhance the quality of your subfloor, working diligently to smooth out minor imperfections for a perfect surface that is ready to support laminate, hardwood, and more. ECF can be utilized on both wood and concrete subfloors, adding warmth and comfort that you’ll have to experience yourself to believe. Few laminate underlayments work as hard, and none can match the rated quality of Eco Cork Foam.

If you’re struggling with your subfloor throughout the installation process, then be sure to try a roll of ECF today to see and feel the difference that our flooring underlayment can make in any project. Contact us today to learn more, and be sure to pick up a roll from your local Home Depot to begin!