Comparing Hardwood Versus Laminate Flooring With Our Underlayment Pros Part 2

Hardwood flooring has long been a popular choice for homeowners and contractors. With its unmatched beauty, longevity, and warmth, natural wood can deliver long-term value for those hoping to make the most out of their floor system. Laminate flooring, however, has made a rise in popularity due to the overall affordability and durability of this modern product.

If you’re curious as to which one is right for you, continue reading to finish the second of our two-part series comparing the positives of hardwood versus laminate flooring. In either case, it’s important to take extra steps to secure the most value and durability for your investment.

Eco Cork Foam is here to serve as an ideal floor underlayment for laminate and hardwood applications. Be sure to shop for a roll of our polyethylene and granulated cork underlayment when you are ready to see the quality difference for yourself!

Total Cost

The price for hardwood and laminate flooring can vary based on the quality of the materials used. In general, laminate flooring will be the more affordable of the two choices. As always, the wear and tear placed on your floors and the long-term plans for your investment will play a large role in determining the cost versus the overall value. If you hope to rely on your new floor system for decades, it will pay to spend more on the quality of the material used. Hardwood can last your lifetime if properly cared for, so be sure to account for the total cost versus the longevity of your home renovation.

Pet Use

The natural beauty of hardwood comes with some concerns, and large pets with long nails can prove to be a major issue. If the proper measures are taken, scratches and gouges can be minimized, but not eliminated. The hardness of your wood floors may play a large role in how your flooring looks after a few years. Extra steps can be taken, such as area rugs and runners, to make the experience more comfortable for your canine and less damaging for your new floors.

Laminate, on the other hand, relies on a tough top layer that can do much to resist the damages of excited doggies. The plastic finish can withstand scratches and flexes on impact, providing more noticeable protection from immediate damages. Textures should be added, however, as laminate floors can be slippery. As always, be sure to speak with your flooring material vendor to find the best fit for your furry friends.

Moisture Defense

Laminate flooring tends to provide more protection from moisture when compared to hardwood. Modern laminate is very resistant to stains and moisture on the top surface, but standing water can seep into the joints of your planks or tiles and cause problems. Moisture can also affect hardwood, causing movement amongst the planks and causing boards to warp and rot.

Eco Cork Foam serves to provide a lifetime of protection as an underlayment for both laminate and hardwood flooring. Results show that ECF has been designated as a Class 1 barrier according to the International Building Code (IBC), delivering the highest level of protection from moisture and vapor.

Subfloor Imperfections

When it comes to preparing the subfloor for a new installation, contractors and DIYers alike must take extra care to minimize any bumps or gouges along the surface. Relatively minor problems such as dirt and dust can cause problems with the tongue and groove connections. Over time, the lack of stability along your planks can result in premature wear and tear, impacting the smooth finish of your floor and resulting in the need for repairs. Both materials will perform poorly if the subfloor is not properly prepared.

One way to ensure your subfloor is ready is to invest in our hardwood and laminate underlayment. Eco Cork Foam provides rigid support that smooths out minor imperfections and delivers rigid support for all tongue-and-groove connections.

Floor Underlayments

Regardless of what type of flooring you choose, it’s essential to find the right underlayment to provide the support, moisture defense, and acoustical properties your new floor needs to thrive for years to come. Eco Cork Foam works as both a hardwood floor and laminate underlayment, delivering rugged support that keeps the connection between planks strong while enhancing the overall comfort of the surface.

Our polyethylene and granulated cork blend provides the perfect balance between cost and quality, delivering serious peace of mind for homeowners and contractors. ECF is rated to be the best underlayment for laminate flooring, and will provide serious support for both natural and engineered wood floors.

Try Today

The best way to see the full value of Eco Cork Foam is to buy a roll and feel the difference for yourself. Our hardwood and laminate underlayment is available at your local Home Depot or can be purchased online. If you have questions about our floor underlayment, feel free to contact us online for assistance!