Worried About The Cons Of Laminate Flooring? Our Floor Underlayment Can Help!

More and more, homeowners and contractors across the country are benefitting from the comfort and longevity that laminate flooring can provide. This cost-effective material strives to accomplish one thing — imitate hardwood flooring. Modern technology has helped to make laminate flooring a top choice for consumers everywhere, but it is important to remember that every flooring option has its drawbacks. Before you give up hope on finding an effective solution for the drawbacks that your new laminate flooring will have, be sure to try our top-notch laminate underlayment for comprehensive support. Eco Cork Foam is comprised of a polyethylene blend with granulated cork that delivers results that you can count on!

Over the years, we’ve worked hard to create the best underlayment for laminate flooring, delivering comprehensive solutions to overcome any disadvantages. If you’re not sold on the performance that our laminate underlayment can provide, read on to see how our product delivers!

Moisture Problems

Like all flooring materials, laminate is susceptible to water damage. Laminate is able to imitate hardwood without the problems associated with topside moisture exposure, making it useful in more areas of the home. The exposed surface is sealed for quality protection from water, but when allowed to sit, this moisture can begin to penetrate the layers beneath. If the edges or bottom of your new flooring is exposed to water, swelling will begin after roughly four hours. Laminate that is exposed to moisture from the subfloor can swell and warp, permanently ruining the beauty of your floors.

Extra precautions will need to be taken when installing laminate in areas such as the basement. Our laminate underlayment is designed to provide the best moisture protection in the industry, keeping your floors protected, even when placed on bare concrete!

Artificial Feelings

The feeling of walking on hardwood is one reason why many homeowners invest in real or engineered hardwood floors. If you love the realistic beauty of your laminate flooring, you may be disappointed to step on it. The artificial production of this material results in a hard feeling that doesn’t quite match the natural give of wood. Many homeowners will also note the coldness inherent in many laminate products

Eco Cork Foam is designed to provide long-lasting comfort at all levels. Our laminate underlayment delivers a great foundation for your floors, making each footstep more enjoyable for years to come. Our product provides quality thermal insulation, preventing heat loss due to cold or damp subfloors. Your family will notice the warmth that ECF provides to floors of all types!

Harsh Sounds

While hardwood creates a distinct sound when walked upon, your laminate flooring may not hold the same timbre. This acoustical outcome depends on a few factors, including your home’s design, subfloor layout, flooring material, and so on. Homes with large families, apartment complexes, and corporate offices may rely on laminate for cost-effective and durable outcomes, but the toll of sound transmission can result in very negative outcomes. Our laminate flooring underlayment was rated among the highest in terms of sound transmission and impact insulation, far surpassing all industry standards to create peaceful outcomes for your building.

Long Lifespans

The affordability of laminate flooring comes at one price over hardwood — it cannot be refinished like real wood. Regular wear and tear, over time, will begin break down the surface layer of your laminate. Without proper support, heavy foot traffic can result in material breakdown, reducing the quality and longevity of your once-beautiful floors. Oftentimes, this accelerated wear stems from improper support in the subfloor.

Eco Cork Foam provides rigidity and support where it is needed most, resulting in less strain on your laminate. Our floor underlayment is ideal for smoothing out minor imperfections, creating a perfect surface that you will enjoy walking on. ECF is made to last, and our durable cork flooring underlayment serves to enhance the life expectancy of your laminate.

Superior Results

Taking extra steps to promote the best outcome over the life of your laminate flooring can prove to be very beneficial in the years to come. Eco Cork Foam is made in America, constructed of safe materials, and is processed to be as eco-friendly as possible. Many contractors and DIYers are unaware of the full scope of advantages that the right floor underlayment can provide for their projects. If you’re looking for an affordable, effective solution for all of your laminate flooring concerns, then be sure to buy a roll from your local Home Depot or contact us today!