What Is The Best Flooring For Your Dogs? Eco Cork Foam Explains Part 2

When it comes to your home flooring, you likely want a design that provides the most comfort for you and your family while also lasting a long time. This balance can be difficult enough for humans, but when you bring dogs into the mix, things can quickly become challenging. Homeowners everywhere need to invest in the right type of flooring for their four-legged friends and for those with flooring materials already in place to provide the right support for the best outcome.

One way to ensure a top quality outcome for your floors is to invest in Eco Cork Foam. Our floor underlayment is comprised of a polyethylene blend and granulated cork to provide quality performance for many buildings and applications. We have worked to deliver the best underlayment for laminate flooring, hardwood, engineered hardwood, and more. Our team understands the intense demands placed on different flooring applications, and our cork floor underlayment has been rated among the best materials in the industry.

We’re dedicated to protecting your floors for the long haul. Today, we’ll conclude our look into different flooring materials and how they fare under heavy canine use. When you’re finished reading, be sure to try our laminate flooring underlayment to feel the Eco Cork difference for yourself!


Speaking of cork, this eco-friendly material is often used for its healthful benefits and comfortable results. Cork is also useful because it is naturally able to resist the growth of mold and the spread of allergens. Families with dogs and other furry friends can benefit from clear air, and you can benefit from cork’s natural water-resistant capabilities. You can also expect superior acoustic benefits, as cork absorbs much of the sound from impacts and footfalls.

While cork is a premium product that is paving the way for modern flooring applications, it is not perfect. Cork is known to discolor after exposure to direct sunlight, making this material less favorable in areas that receive a lot of sunshine. Also keep in mind that cork is soft and pliable, making it less desirable in areas with heavy traffic. Your dog’s nails can easily scratch the surface if not trimmed properly, and heavier furniture can leave permanent marks.

Verdict: Cork is a naturally perfect element for flooring applications. While cork flooring is suited for many applications, those with larger dogs may need to invest elsewhere. Cork is one key ingredient in creating our unbeatable flooring underlayment!


Many homeowners will tell you that bamboo is the best choice for their dogs. That is because of this material’s natural hardness, providing a sturdy surface that aims to protect against stains, scratches, and more. Bamboo is also known for its sustainability, providing eco-friendly results when compared to other flooring materials. Homeowners love the longevity of this investment, holding up excellently in homes with a lot of foot traffic. You and your pets can benefit from the well-rounded advantages of bamboo flooring, but keep in mind that all of these positives often come at a cost!

Verdict: Bamboo is often ideal for pet owners, but keep in mind that certain brands and species will carry vastly more expensive price tags. Be sure to find a brand that is known for its quality!


As you can guess after fielding the four considerations in our previous blog, tile is a good choice for many pet owners. Ceramic tiles are made to be incredibly resistant to scratches and damages, creating an amazing layer of protection against your dog’s claws. In addition to the clean sheen void of deep gouges, you can expect easy cleanup operations. Homeowners with multiple dogs may find the best results when they invest in less-porous tiles.

While tile is built to be tough, its smooth surfaces can prove to be a hassle for your pets. Dogs that struggle with slippery surfaces will likely not be a fan of this material! Tile can also be cold, sapping comfort from your canine’s nap times. An easy solution for tile owners is to add rugs in high-traffic areas. As long as your doggie has a comfortable spot to relax, all should be well!

Verdict: As long as extra measures are taken for comfort, everyone should be happy with the results of their tile floors.


Homeowners looking for an affordable and replaceable option for their pets can benefit from vinyl flooring materials. This versatile material has improved over the years, providing better performance in nearly any room in the home. Vinyl is known to be stain- and scratch-resistant, holding up well for daily wear and tear. Another advantage for your pet is the texture provided by most vinyl options. Homeowners often tell us of how quiet this material is when walked upon.

While vinyl can provide the best for your dogs, its long-term value and aesthetics may not be worthwhile. Vinyl does not last as long as its more affordable counterparts, dealing with problems such as dulling from UV exposure and mildew problems from spills.

Verdict: Vinyl may be the perfect choice for your home, but if you are looking for more long-lasting materials, be sure to try elsewhere.

Protect Your Floors with Eco Cork Foam

ECF is here to provide rigid support under your flooring materials to provide serious long-term advantages. No matter which flooring material you choose, our floor underlayment enhances the results with:

  • Acoustic performances. Block sound transmissions with our top-rated cork blend.
  • Superior moisture protection. Our built-in barrier helps to minimize moisture and vapor that can plague many floors.
  • Unbeatable strength. The support Eco Cork Foam provides your floors comes from its durable design and thinner grooves, providing more locking support for many flooring applications.
  • Long-lasting comfort. Our laminate underlayment provides comfort and warmth from below, creating a quality outcome for your happy dog.
  • Eco-friendly outcomes. ECF is comprised of safe and natural components, meeting California’s strict restrictions for low-VOC products.

No matter your flooring choice, it’s important to protect your materials from above and below. Eco Cork Foam is designed to be the best underlayment for laminate flooring applications, but our cork blend can also benefit your hardwoods, vinyl, and more. Contact us today to learn more!