Protect New Floors

Want To Protect Your New Floors? Try Our Waterproof Underlayment!

The new flooring in your home or business can provide a range of benefits if installed properly. It pays to be prepared when installing your floors, and investing in a floor underlayment is often touted as being the best investment in keeping your surfaces in optimal condition.

Eco Cork Foam is here to serve as the best underlayment for laminate flooring, as well as natural and engineered hardwood floors. Our polyethylene and granulated cork blend delivers industry-leading results for projects of all sizes and complexities. If you’re looking for a floor underlayment that delivers 360 degrees of protection, then you’ve come to the right place!

Today, we’ll highlight the value of providing one of the few waterproof floor underlayments available, as well as the importance of keeping your new floors protected. Ready to get started? Browse our site to learn more about our underlayments for laminate and hardwood before shopping today!

The Problem With Moisture and Vapor

Installing your hardwood or laminate flooring without an underlayment on subfloors such as oscillated strand board or plywood can yield ideal results without much concern for moisture. Installing the same flooring over concrete in the basement, however, can result in costly repairs or replacements down the line. Keep in mind that concrete is porous, allowing small amounts of moisture to infiltrate the aggregates and expand or contract based on the seasonal temperatures. If you notice that your basement floors are cold and dank, it is likely due to subfloor moisture.

Finding the Right Floor Underlayment

From DIYers to long-time contractors, it is highly beneficial to seek out the best underlayment for your flooring material, as this product plays a large role in determining your floor system’s comfort and longevity. Investing in a vapor barrier to go with your floor underlayment can do much to keep your floors safe from the saturation, bubbling, and warping that can ruin perfectly good material.

Do Waterproof Underlayments Exist?

While most hardwood and laminate underlayments play a key role in keeping your flooring safe, they often cannot provide the right level of protection against moisture or vapor. You can choose to invest in a floor underlayment with a vapor barrier pre-attached, or invest in a roll (6 mil is recommended!) to place directly over the substrate.

Keep in mind that the underlayment you choose can yield a unique level of protection from vapor and moisture, with a certain level of expected permeability. In most cases, you will find a product that resists moisture but does not qualify as waterproof.

Eco Cork Foam is rated as a Class 1 vapor barrier, delivering the highest level of protection possible. Our built-in vapor barrier now qualifies as waterproof, ensuring you are equipped with the best possible choice for your next flooring project.

Ready to See the Difference?

While most hardwood and laminate underlayments are priced in direct accordance with their overall quality, Eco Cork Foam provides ideal protection at an affordable price tag. For approximately 75 cents per square foot, you can protect your floor system with long-lasting comfort, support, and moisture protection. Contact us online with any questions, or pick up a roll from The Home Depot to see the quality difference for yourself!