1. Best Flooring Underlayment

    This could be the best flooring underlayment for installations over concrete ever made. Great vapor barrier, easy to cut and lays flat.…Read More

  2. Superior Quality.

    Easy to work with. Superior quality. ECF worked perfect with laminate flooring we installed 4 weeks ago. It took away a significant amount of creaking from our old flooring.…Read More

  3. Very Easy To Lay Down. Very Nice Underlayment.

    Very easy to lay down. Very nice underlayment. It was very noticeable the difference in temperature on the concrete floor. When we put down the cork underlayment it was warmer. So much more convenient now that it has self sticking tape.…Read More

  4. Much Nicer Than The Plastic Stuff

    ECF is much nicer than the plastic stuff. It gives some insulation and is sound deadening.…Read More

  5. Worked Well At Smoothing Out Rough Spots

    Used it with a Pergo that didn’t require an underlay, but I wanted the added insulation (sound and thermal). Installed it over a pretty rough partical board floor. It worked well at smoothing out the rough spots and was easy to work with.…Read More

  6. Without Hesitation They Advised We Pick the Eco Cork Foam

    We asked installers if they liked the microban red underlayment or Eco Cork Foam and without hesitation they advised we pick the Eco Cork Foam for wamth and acoustic factor. Home Depot was in short supply so had to go across town to the one store that had more inventory. My floors have been in only one week, but we are satisfied with the choice so far. The Home Depot/Romanoff install consultant in…Read More

  7. Performs Extremely Well

    I purchased 5 rolls of Eco Cork Foam underlayment for use under floating engineered stranded bamboo flooring. It is a very tough product and performs extremely well. It is not available at all Home Depot stores so I drove an hour to find it in stock. Net time I'll plan ahead and order the 300 sq ft roll ahead of time. I originally used the red rosin paper suggested by Home Depot, even though their…Read More

  8. Goes Down Well and is Very Easy to Work With.

    Underlayment goes down well and is very easy to work with. I would recommend it.…Read More

  9. Worked Out Great!

    This product worked out great!…Read More