1. Easy to Layout & Install

    Bought this for a floating engineered wood floor. Easy to layout & install. I stapled the ends just to hold it in place & pulled out the staples as the floor progressed. Actually feels good to walk on while the floor is being installed. The part of the floor that is installed is much quieter than our old laminate floor.…Read More

  2. Impressed with Its Quality and Ease of Handling

    We used Eco Cork under our cork laminate floors. Our floor guy had recommended another product that was readily available at HD. It was the first time he had seen Eco Cork and was impressed with its quality and ease of handling when laying. We are impressed with it's extra cushioning, sound dampening qualities and added insulation on our concrete slab floor.…Read More

  3. Great Product

    So easy to use. Great product.…Read More

  4. Waterproof Top that Helps with Water Retention

    I just updated and installed my new LVT floors, and I used another brand name foam product for the previous install and upgraded to this wonderful cork product, this time around. I love that the cork is thick and bounces back when stepped upon and it was easy on my knees to install without needing my knee pads. An added extra bonus is that it has a waterproof top that helps with water retention un…Read More

  5. This Product is the Game Changer

    1,800 SF Below-Grade basement. ½ inch think engineered wood. This product is the game changer that made it happen without a single problem. Insluated the wood to temps and moisture barrier, softened just enough on the bare feet, simply fantastic. Plus, given the below grade aspect of my project (that used to be carpet), the “dampness” feel and associated odor is totally gone now. Basement is …Read More

  6. Very Fast Very Simple

    This product was easy to install! When completed our floors were quiet and warm. The vapor barrier film worked well and sealing it was just pulling off the tape strip and overlap the film flap. Very fast very simple. The product lays flat and smooth. We had no trouble installing our plank flooring over it.…Read More

  7. Superior Product

    Superior product! Very pleased with the quality. It surpasses the previous product we used by far in thickness and sound absorption. Very easy to use, did not have to worry about it moving out of place. Would definitely recommend and buy again.…Read More

  8. Great Feel and Excellent Insulation

    Gives the laminate a great feel and excellent insulation from the cold.…Read More

  9. Highly Recommend ECF Under Laminate

    Highly recommend Eco Cork under laminate flooring.…Read More