Using A Vapor Barrier For Your Flooring Underlay

When it comes to the quality installation of flooring, sound reasoning dictates that providing the best product will result in the best results. Eco Cork Foam® was created to be that optimal product. Our cork flooring underlayment was designed to be the best underlay for hardwood floors, as well as laminate and engineered floors. ECF’s design offers the best in protection, comfort, and sound reduction. Another factor that can benefit your new floor is moisture protection. Water can spell destruction for any flooring system. There often is a huge demand for basement floor underlayments that can repel any water that invades from below. Our moisture barrier underlayment is the best-rated in the business and will provide your floor with the best protection throughout its lifetime. Today, we’ll look at what a vapor barrier is and how it can make the difference between a healthy floor and an expensive repair.

How Does It Work?

Our polyethylene and cork flooring underlayment comes with a 6 mil vapor barrier built in. In order to create this barrier, a material is used that prevents moisture migration from one area to another. The effectiveness of this material is measured by its permeability, or the amount of moisture that can pass through that material. Essentially, a lower perm rating equates to less moisture sneaking through. There are different classes to organize each material for its effectiveness at preventing vapor transference. The International Building Code (IBC) uses this system to promote product quality and consistency. There are three classes that your product can fall into:

  • Class 1. Consisting of 0.1 perm or less, this is the best level if you are looking for complete moisture and vapor protection. Classified as impermeable, this designation classically holds materials such oil-based paint and plywood.
  • Class 2. Ranging between 0.1 and 1.0 perms, Class II vapor retarders are considered semi-permeable.
  • Class 3. Permeable items range between 1.0 and 10 perms. This classification typically includes materials such as latex and enamel paints.

How Does This Help Me?

As a Class I material, our cork flooring underlayment is ideal for use in a wide range of applications and environments. It’s vital for many flooring types, including hardwood, to have a form of moisture protection in case water seeps up from below the subfloor. Otherwise, water buildup can create a hostile environment for your floors. Warping — where your beautiful surfaces are now bending and heaving — is the most obvious downside. Mold is another issue that can remain hidden for years, polluting your home’s air quality and putting your family’s health at risk. ECF’s innovative design and production makes it ideal for providing the best protection to your floor for a lifetime. Our product is rated to provide 360 degrees of protection, keeping moisture out from all angles.

Eco Cork Foam can be the perfect hybrid cork flooring underlayment for your next project. Beyond being the perfect moisture barrier underlayment, our quality product also provides optimal acoustic control, strength, comfort, and sanitation. Flooring underlays are now receiving the proper attention thanks to their numerous benefits for your new floor. Contact us today to learn more about our amazing product!