The Unhealthy Effects Of Low-Quality Floor Underlayments And How Eco Cork Foam Can Help!

Installing a new floor in your home can deliver a plethora of positive benefits. When installed properly, materials such as hardwood and laminate flooring can provide years of comfort and quality. If you are currently dealing with an uncomfortable, unstable floor system, the negative effects on your health can begin to add up. Citizens dealing with loud, inexpensive floor materials often face a full range of concerns, all of which can be minimized by investing in a high-quality floor underlayment.

Eco Cork Foam is proud to deliver the best laminate underlayment in the industry, and our product can be deployed in other flooring applications to ensure optimal comfort, warmth, protection, stability, and solitude. We have put years of effort into creating a top-notch product for our consumers, and we’re excited to enhance your quality of life!

Today, we’ll discuss a few of the health concerns associated with an improperly installed floor system, as well as the benefits that ECF can provide for nearly any project. Learn more here, and be sure to buy a roll today to see the difference for yourself!

Unsound Floors, Physiological Concerns

New floors can provide considerable beauty and value for your property, but if these materials are not installed perfectly, negative effects can begin to take their toll on the body. Unsteady floor planks, for example, can cause extra stress for homeowners and renters alike. If you live in a multi-family complex, you likely understand how disruptive an unexpected noise can be, such as a dropped object or heavy footsteps.

Eco Cork Foam strives to provide the best result for every home, and the numeric results of our floor underlayment serve to reduce a myriad of concerning problems, including:

  • Increased heart rate — Being startled can lead to a sudden spike in your heart rate, changing your state of arousal and encouraging an increase in cortisol. This “fight or flight” hormone has long been useful in survival situations, but in regular doses can increase your blood pressure, weaken your muscles, and lead to irritability and mood swings.
  • Abnormal respiration rates — Changes in your breathing can be indicative of a variety of disruptions to your regular activities. Direct correlations have been made between increased respiratory rates and stress levels, creating unhealthy outcomes on the body.
  • Changes in electrodermal activity — Many studies have been conducted to establish a link between the electrical characteristics of the skin and psychological stressors. Indeed, skin resistance can be negatively affected by certain emotional stimulations, further affecting your emotional and cognitive states.

Over time, the negative effects of these changes can result in serious health concerns. Individuals residing in high-stress environments achieve less sleep, deal with compromised immune systems, and are less able to make clear decisions.

Acoustic Floor Underlayments, Restful Outcomes

It can be hard to accurately measure the full range of benefits delivered by our acoustical floor underlayment. If you have been dealing with unrestful nights due to the stability and acoustic abilities of your floors, now may be the perfect time to consider Eco Cork Foam. Our floor underlayment is designed to deliver excellent acoustic benefits, rating among the best in building materials in tests measuring sound transmission and impact insulation. ECF reduces the noises from footsteps, voices, and dropped objects. The result is often a happier, healthier homeowner!

Eco-Friendly Results

Beyond the healthful benefits provided by our top-notch laminate underlayment, Eco Cork Foam is also proud to lead the industry with the most environmentally responsible practices to minimize our carbon footprint while keeping your loved ones safe. A few benefits worth mentioning include:

  • Anti-microbial protection — Keep your kids, pets, and entire family safe from harmful microorganisms with ECF. Our polyethylene and granulated cork blend help to stop microbial growth, preventing bacteria and fungus from thriving beneath your floors.
  • No hazardous chemicals — A wide range of natural and synthetic chemicals were listed as hazardous through California’s Proposition 65. Eco Cork Foam is created using safe materials that exceed the rigorous demands set forth by this law.
  • Ultra-low VOCs — California also employes stringent standards for the off-gassing of volatile organic compounds. These vapors and gases are commonly found in building materials and can cause long-term health concerns for your family. VOCs are often much more concentrated indoors, making the problems worse for those sensitive to such pollutants. Eco Cork Foam boasts some of the lowest VOC values today!
  • Reduced waste — Statistically, the average room size is 144 square feet. Most underlayments come in rolls of 100 square feet, generating a lot of waste once the dust has settled. ECF is proud to sell our 75-foot rolls, reducing the amount of material left over. While not a major concern at the individual level, this waste-saving measure can help to save you money while helping to protect our environment.

Try Eco Cork Foam Today!

Our hardwood, engineered hardwood, and laminate underlayment is here to serve as a versatile solution for homeowners and contractors alike. If you are planning on installing new floors this season, be sure to do your research and check out the full range of benefits offered by Eco Cork Foam. Our product is designed to provide complete quality for your floor system and will help to reduce the negative effects of living with multiple tenants in a shared space. Contact us today to learn more about the 360-degrees of protection offered by our floor underlayment, and be sure to shop The Home Depot to try ECF for yourself!