Moisture Concerns Can Be Negated By A Quality Laminate Underlayment

Installing your new laminate flooring can be an exciting process. Being able to step onto a strong, affordable, and durable product that is designed to provide comfort for years to come is a feeling that is certainly hard to beat. While your new flooring is built to last, it’s important to remember that certain risk factors can play a major part in the outcome of your home’s value. Eco Cork Foam (ECF) is here to help keep your investment safe and sound. Our patented floor underlayment is comprised of a proprietary blend of polyurethane foam and cork to create a product that offers numerous benefits. One key advantage that our laminate underlayment holds over competitors is the built-in moisture barrier, which works to keep out water and moisture damages to keep your floors safe and sound.

Moisture can cause many problems for homeowners, ranging from unwanted odors to costly repairs. Today, we’ll look at a few concerns associated with laminate flooring and moisture problems. If you need one of the best underlayments for laminate flooring, be sure to pick up a roll of ECF today to see the quality difference for yourself!

Cupping or Crowning

The introduction of moisture to laminate flooring can result in a wide range of reactions. When high enough in airborne concentrations or when water is left on the surface, water can begin to soak into the laminate and begin altering the physical components of that material. Cupping is one such reaction that is caused by the expansion of your materials once exposed to water. Oftentimes, cupping will consist of laminate or hardwood edges being higher than the center. As the material expands and contracts with moisture and temperature, the compression can create a wide range of aesthetic woes. Water will pool at the bottom, and as your top layer dries faster, the resulting differences become apparent.

Crowning is the same occurrence, except that the board’s center happens to be higher than the edges. One interesting point to make is that crowning can occur after fixes have been dispensed for cupping. If moisture is still trapped in the material, your sanding and planing will not be enough to prevent the raising of the board’s center. Be sure there is no moisture present when repairing your flooring, or be sure to utilize a flooring underlayment that has the ability to fight water damage.


Buckling occurs when the flooring becomes separated from the subfloor and is often considered the most extreme reaction to excess moisture. Exposure to water in large amounts can cause your flooring to warp and bend, creating unsightly spots that may be several inches higher than the rest of the floor. Buckling is a damaging event that often requires full replacements over minor repairs. If caught early enough, you may be able to stop your new flooring system from warping.

Buckling can also result from inadequate production processes for your laminate flooring. The fiberboard at the center of your flooring will be under a lot of pressure from both sides, requiring both the top and bottom layers to provide enough structural support. When the products are not constructed to offset the pressure from the other side, buckling can occur regardless of the moisture situation.

Mold and Mildew Concerns

The plethora of hazardous contaminants involved with mold spores and mildew should be enough to motivate you to take the best precautions available. When moisture can penetrate your flooring, the stage is set for rapid mold growth. It’s important to take every measure you can to avoid moisture buildups in your home. From the drywall to your laminate underlayment, every component of your home should be clean and dry.

Mold and mildew can create several problems for your family and friends. The environmental effects of these organisms can be detrimental and the scope of the damages can often be hard to determine. Eco Cork Foam is here to provide the absolute best in moisture protection to help minimize your concerns and the chances of a mold outbreak occurring beneath your new floors.

Compromised Core Complications

Whether from spills, leaks, or simply using a wet mop for cleaning, water can seep into your laminate flooring and create serious problems. The core of laminate flooring is comprised of high-density fiberboards (HDF). If water were to douse this sturdy component, the structural stability of your flooring would be at risk. Oftentimes, the only solution for soaked laminate cores is to completely replace the wet planks.

There are many reasons why moisture should be kept away from your flooring at all costs. While the list of issues is long, the available options for protecting against water damage are few. Eco Cork Foam is proud to be one of the best underlayments for laminate flooring, providing strength and support in addition to our advanced moisture protection features. Contact us today to learn more about our eco-friendly product you stop by your local Home Depot® for a roll!