Breathe Easy With Quality Flooring Products And Our Laminate Underlayment

When it comes to finding the best flooring for your home, it’s important to consider the long-term health concerns to keep you and your family safe. Investing in the higher-quality products may not seem worth the costs, but the dangers associated with the materials involved should be considered before making a purchase. As a top provider of quality laminate underlayment for contractors, homeowners, and more, Eco Cork Foam (ECF) is your choice floor underlayment for a variety of applications. Our unique product blend helps to provide the most benefits possible while adhering to strict manufacturer regulations. Eco Cork Foam’s polyethylene foam and cork flooring underlayment provide the strength and support your flooring needs while being as eco-friendly as possible.

The great news is that ECF is rated to produce very low levels of volatile organic compounds (VOC)s. More and more recent attention has been on laminate flooring recently, as the Center for Disease Control (CDC) released a 2016 study that looked into the problems of formaldehyde exposure to this flooring product. Today, we’ll look into the dangers of contaminants in your flooring products and how our laminate flooring underlayment can provide safe and reliable results. Be sure to try a roll of our floor underlayment today to see the quality difference for yourself!

Formaldehyde Woes

This chemical is colorless and pungent, and it happens to be used in a variety of applications for your home building projects. Whether you need a preservative for the lab or a stabilization component for your flooring, formaldehyde has proven its worth as a useful tool for building our modern society.

Unfortunately, the CDC’s survey results reveal that many flooring products hold a high level of formaldehyde. This study looked into complex numerical analyses to reveal that the estimated cancer risk affects between six and 30 people per 100,000. The original study had made waves with the results, but this updated version now included the fact that your cancer risk is three times higher than they originally thought.

The neurological effects of this chemical have been shown in mice to create a host of problems for living organisms. One way to fight this fear and create a safe home for your family is by finding flooring that holds minimal emissions and toxic chemicals.

Finding Green Flooring

It’ll pay off if you spend the time looking for a responsible source of flooring materials. The tasks for this goal can include doing research and speaking to material representatives to minimize your formaldehyde exposure. Eco Cork Foam, for example, is proud to be free of the Proposition 65 chemicals instated by California to warn consumers about the dangers of included components. Newer laminate products have greatly reduced their concentrations of formaldehyde, meaning that your exposure these days will be less than the previous decades. Older products have had years to off-gas, reducing the current concentration remaining in your household. Regardless of the age or condition, it is essential to minimize the overall amount of exposure for you and your family.

Remember those home renovations are a wide-reaching process. Even if your new flooring is very environmentally responsible, the emissions given off by the subflooring can prove to be far too hazardous for your loved ones.

ECF laminate underlayment is infused with anti-microbial protection and ultra-low emissions ensure that you’re receiving the best product to protect your laminate floors. With the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) brand of approval, ECF is made from certified, renewable materials. Going green is a popular option these days and one that can help to promote long-term healthy practices for you and your family.

Formaldehyde is found in virtually every part of your home. From the rugs and carpets covering the house to the laminate flooring underneath, it’s essential to minimize your exposure to this toxin as much as possible. Eco Cork Foam is proud to be a safe laminate underlayment for homes and businesses across the country, providing quality support to maximize the enjoyment and safety of your new flooring. Our dedication to top-notch processes ensures that you can breathe easily after installing our product. Contact us today to learn how we’ve worked to be the best underlayment for laminate flooring, or feel free to buy a roll to see the quality difference for yourself!