A Look At Common Flooring Mistakes For DIYers Part 2

As the holidays approach, many homeowners are putting their plans together for those home renovations that will help make their houses shine. Whether you’re renovating the dining room or sprucing up your kitchen, flooring may be a part of your plans. When it comes to laying down the flooring, many homeowners like to take on the task themselves. As a provider of a top-notch flooring underlayment, we know the dangers of not doing the job correctly. Eco Cork Foam was designed to be the best underlayment for laminate, engineered and hardwood floors.  While our sturdy, sound-reducing underlayment is ideal for minimizing imperfections and providing long-term service, it is not enough to help with some of the common mistakes that many people make when installing their own flooring. Today, we’ll continue last week’s blog that looked at common flooring mistakes. Taking the time to do things properly can pay off big, and for those minor mistakes, ECF’s foam and cork hybrid underlayment is here to help!

Lacking in Adhesion

One interesting pitfall that has affected many DIYers is the practice of not using enough nails or staples in the flooring process. While going lightly on the securement may seem smart from a financial standpoint, skimping on those nails or staples can prove to create numerous problems down the road. This can be especially true for areas that support heavy cabinets or furniture. Over time, the movement of your flooring due to environmental moisture can also be made worse with a lack of nails or staples. ECF’s flooring underlayment will provide long-term strength and support, but only if the flooring above stays in place!

Improper Material Choices

One mistake that homeowners make in their decision-making process is choosing the wrong flooring type for their situation. Whether you’re living single in an apartment or with seven kids, the demands put on your flooring should help to decide which material is best to use. Each option of flooring provides unique attributes to match your lifestyle, including pet defenses, traction for the children, and aesthetic appearance. Spending the money on high priced flooring that doesn’t meet your needs is bad, but purchasing a cheaper material when you need more may quickly end in disappointment. No matter what choice you make, Eco Cork Foam is built to provide the best support in the industry.

Cutting Corners

One of the biggest mistakes you can make in home renovations is taking shortcuts to save money. While this strategy can be useful in some endeavors, using it with your home’s flooring can actually end up costing way more than the amount you originally saved. That cheap price tag at the home improvement store will not look so impressive when you are back in there tearing everything out and starting over. Whether you’re buying cheaper materials or taking on too much yourself to save money, sometimes it’s best to bite the financial bullet and payout for quality results. You’ll be thankful for them years from now!

When it comes to installing your own flooring, there are numerous mistakes that can occur on a daily basis. Taking the time to assess your project and plan accordingly can help to maximize safety while creating a much better final product. Eco Cork Foam underlayment is ideal for optimizing the quality of the finished product. ECF was designed to be your go-to choice, whether you’re in need of a basement floor underlayment or a hardwood floor support system. Contact us today to learn more about our top-notch flooring underlayment or order a roll for yourself at homedepot.com to feel the difference!