The Value Equation

When we talk about the value of Eco Cork Foam, we’re specifically talking about three things: Is it a good product? Do you need it, and is it worth the price?

Value is a word that gets tossed around a lot in the home improvement world, and it can have a different meaning depending on who’s doing the speaking. When you read or hear that something is a good value, it’s helpful to know the reasons behind that claim. That’s the value equation, and today we’re turning the equation on ourselves. When we talk about the value of Eco Cork Foam, we’re specifically talking about three things: Is it a good product? Do you need it, and is it worth the price?

Is it a Quality Product?
You need only look at our reviews at to see that 99% of purchasers recommend Eco Cork Foam. Many of these reviews specifically point to performance, ease of use and quality as the drivers behind their positive reviews. Meanwhile, most reviewers say that they would purchase ECF again and again. ECF Underlayment is the only product available that offers 10-in-1 features, including a built-in 6 mil vapor barrier. In other words, ECF is absolutely a good product. In fact, it’s a great product, or as one review said, “This stuff is the best underlayment I have ever used.”

Is it an Essential Product?
If you’re embarking on a flooring project and have done some research, you already know that underlayment is a critical element. Underlayment performs obvious functions like cushioning and smoothing over the subfloor. It’s also the primary means of protecting your flooring. Underlayment strengthens tongue and groove connections, controls moisture, absorbs sound and more. If you’re investing in new flooring, you’re already calculating how long you expect it to last. Because ECF Underlayment offers exceptional quality and performance, you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing that when you start with ECF, your flooring lasts longer.

Is it Worth the Price?
If you’re shopping for underlayment and price is a concern, don’t overlook ECF. ECF Underlayment is a premium product that does more and performs better than the competition. When you factor in the potential cost savings associated with ECF’s built-in 6mil vapor barrier and the long-term benefits to your flooring system, ECF is well worth the price. Again, in the words of a satisfied user, “This is one item in a project that should not be skimped on. The quality of the final floor depends a surprising large amount on the underlayment, and Eco Cork Foam has become my top choice.”

So, what do you think? Is ECF a good value? If you define value as a product that performs, does what you need and is worth price, then the answer is, absolutely. But, don’t take our word for it, read the reviews, “Easy to install, cut noise by a noticeable margin, excellent product and well worth the money.”

About Us

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