The Importance Of Using Quality Floor Underlayments Part 2

In the world of flooring installation, many of us consider the underlay between the finished floor and the subfloor to be the unsung hero. There is a plethora of flooring issues lurking out there, where just one small mistake can lead to costly repairs. Eco Cork Foam® was designed to bring the most benefits to your floor in the form of an excellent foam flooring underlay. Composed of cork and polyethylene foam, our product is overly-engineered in order to maximize the use of your flooring. Last time, we looked at a few benefits that our cork flooring underlayment can provide for nearly all flooring needs. Today, we’ll dive into a few more positive aspects that you can utilize to take your flooring investment to the next level.

Better Sound Barrier

ECF was engineered to provide excellent sound transmission reduction for all flooring applications. Our sound reducing underlay brings a high level of insulation to flooring projects where traffic noise should be minimized. Apartments and condominiums can receive the most benefit from our laboratory-tested cork flooring underlayment. In fact, ECF’s acoustical testing ranked among the best in the industry, after using the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) methods. The sounds of constant footsteps can be very detrimental to residents’ quality of life, and now our foam flooring underlay is available to help!

Flooring Adaptability

When it comes to the flooring in your house, nothing is static. Environmental factors, such as temperature, humidity and so on, can change the dimensions of your floor. ECF strives to be the best underlay for hardwood floors with our adaptive product characteristics. Our product is made to compress and stretch in order to move with the expanding and contracting of floors over time. Wood floors, in particular, are more at risk for movement, which can wreak havoc on your beautiful new floors if not done correctly. Don’t risk utilizing inferior products that will only weaken connections in your flooring and result in an unstable floor system.

Added Protection From Harmful Agents

The high quality of our cork flooring underlayment extends beyond product performance. ECF strives to also provide the safest, most responsible tools to ensure a lifetime of quality. Each roll is paired with an anti-microbial treatment in order to provide healthful effects for the product’s lifetime. On top of being a Class 1 moisture barrier underlayment, ECF uses an EPA-approved process that provides optimal protection against the growth of bacteria and mold. When moisture is introduced to your underlayment, the potential for hazardous mold spores and bacteria makes for an undesirable situation. The moisture barrier and antimicrobial treatment both work to give you peace of mind for each and every flooring project.

If you have a need for quality above-grade or basement floor underlayments, we can help! ECF was engineered to provide the best quality possible in a flooring product. With so many benefits, it should be hard to argue with value and production that accompanies our cork flooring underlayment. Don’t risk utilizing inferior flooring products for your next project. Contact us today to learn more about our innovative underlayment!