The Importance Of Using Quality Floor Underlayments Part 1

For many homeowners and contractors, maximizing the efficiency and quality of your work can mean the difference between a rewarding success and a frustrating failure. Using the best quality tools and materials can also lead to several benefits in the processing of home remodeling. Although unseen and typically forgotten, the underlayment for your flooring is vital for achieving longevity. To help with this, Eco Cork Foam® was created to give consumers the best hybrid cork flooring underlayment in the industry. Our technology combines cork with polyethylene foam to create a foam flooring underlay hybrid that can’t be beaten! Whether you’re installing on top of concrete or wood subfloors, our cork underlayment will protect your investment.

Today, we’ll look at the important aspects that our flooring underlayment takes care of in order to provide you with the best results!

Floor Stability

No matter the amount of effort put into fabricating a flawless subfloor, small imperfections will continually arise to sabotage your hard work. From hiding minor dips to screw heads, our product makes the best underlay for hardwood floors. ECF’s cork flooring underlayment has a thickness of 3.2mm, giving it the ability to make up for small imperfections that can eventually sap the stability of your beautiful new floor. With smoother tongue and groove connections, your floor will remain level under more stress for a longer period of time.

Moisture Protection

When seeking any underlayment for hardwood or similar flooring types, avoiding incoming moisture is a top priority. Our moisture barrier underlayment is ideal for avoiding moisture damage! This vapor barrier is laminated across the entire surface of each roll of foam, creating a true moisture barrier. Other providers of flooring underlays often come with a separate vapor barrier, leading to the potential for moisture buildup in between the two. This can be the catalyst for a host of flooring issues that homeowners will have to combat down the road. ECF’s top-notch engineering can be thanked for our excessive quality when compared to international building code (IBC) requirements. As a Class 1 barrier, our product provides superior protection when used as a basement floor underlayment or on above grade floors. No matter where you place you Eco Cork Foam, you’ll be impressed by the results!

Improved Air Quality

They say that we are what we eat, but we believe that we are what we breathe. ECF’s focus on responsible products helped to produce one of the most responsible flooring underlays in the industry. Our cork flooring underlayment surpasses California’s strict emission laws concerning volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Compared to most flooring products, our foam flooring underlay contains no harmful elements that can enter the air during installation or further down the road. While emissions from floors are common when activated by spills or pet stains, our foam product works to avoid any unnecessary leaks. You can breathe easier when you use ECF!

There are many reasons why Eco Cork Foam holds the advantage over inferior floor underlayment products. Next time, we’ll look at a few more main advantages that our foam flooring underlay brings to the table. If you’re interested, pick up a roll for yourself or contact us to learn more!