Sound Reduction 101 With Your Foam Underlayment Experts Part 2

For many people, the act of residing in an apartment or condominium brings the normal concerns associated with living in close proximity to others. Even if your neighbors try to be quiet, the constant footfalls and other ambient noises add up, causing stress to neighbors and possibly even a lack of sleep. To assist with this, we have created the Eco Cork Foam. ECF performs as an amazing sound-reducing underlayment for your floors. This product was engineered to provide excellent stabilization and sound reduction qualities. With an added thickness and focus on stability, ECF is ideal for nearly all types of flooring systems. Unlike other foam flooring underlayment, ours is crafted with cork to create a stronger option for professionals and do-it-yourselfers alike. ECF is a cork flooring underlayment that is unmatched in the industry. We strive to set the standard for performance, protection, and functionality.

Last time, we looked at a couple of acoustic ratings that are commonly used to determine the effectiveness of materials against sound transmissions. Today, we’ll continue this endeavor by explaining one more rating system and which one of the three should be most relevant to your next project.

Delta Impact Insulation Class

Similarly to IIC, the Delta IIC rating is used to determine the transmission of sound by applying force and measuring the vibrations that transfer to the bottom of the flooring assembly. This method starts by using a control method, such as a slab of concrete that is six to eight inches. The IIC rating will be assessed as before to the bare surface. Once the number is generated, an underlayment for hardwood or other application is applied. The test is repeated in the same fashion to generate a new and (hopefully) improved rating. Unlike the previous two testing methods, which measure the overall performance, the Delta IIC is calculated with the performance increase over the bare testing surface. Whereas you can expect  IIC ratings to be in the 50s and 60s, the Delta version will see numbers closer to the 20s and teens. Many people are quick to ignore the Delta IIC rating due to its lower numerical value. ECF was actually designed with this rating in mind!

Which Rating System Do I Consider?

All of them. When it comes down to it, the Delta IIC rating is the best approach for measuring the sound transmission of footfalls on your flooring. A common problem in this industry is the misleading results published by flooring experts that show excessively high IIC and STC ratings. While these two are great for gleaning more information, they can be skewed by outside factors. If you find an unbelievable product that has no Delta IIC rating, it’s best to discard the results and move on. Eco Cork Foam was designed to be the best underlayment for hardwood floors, meaning that our focus on footfall noises was key. Our Delta IIC rating is 23, equating to a major improvement over bare subfloors.

Our cork flooring underlayment was designed to provide a stable, universal product that can be the perfect solution for a variety of flooring situations. We believe in creating a sound-reducing underlayment that offers more than any other product on the market today. To learn more, feel free to contact us today!