Eco Cork Foam Underlayment Vs. Traditional Options

For many Americans, the process of installing new floors in the home can come with a number of complicated details that need to be done to ensure a quality result. From the amateur do-it-yourselfer to the seasoned veteran, the art of laying floors is often determined by subflooring quality, environmental conditions, and quality materials. There is a wide range of flooring underlayments that are available to add quality and comfort to your home. Eco Cork Foam® is an innovative foam and cork flooring underlayment that is quantifiably over-engineered to exceed most construction standards. Our product brings the best for all flooring needs, whether you’re in need of sound reduction, stability, or moisture protection.  With so many positives, it should be easy to see why ECF is the perfect solution for both above and below ground applications. Today’s blog will focus on the different types of underlayment that are commonly available in the industry.

Standard Underlayment

This product is best used as an underlayment for basic flooring needs. Standard underlayment is the most commonly used underlayment for cost conscious installations, rental/flip properties, typically placed on plywood or OSB subfloors. These standard foams are not conducive for dealing with moisture, so make sure to only use it in spots where moisture is not an issue or utilize an additional moisture barrier for proper protection.  Always refer to the manufacturers’ installation guidelines.

Combo Underlayment

Comprised of the previously mentioned foam with an added layer for moisture, this combo flooring underlayment is a step up in terms of quality and protection. The assumption here is that the combination underlayment makes for a good choice for basement floor underlayments, where moisture can be an issue. However, be careful when choosing a combo underlayment. The thickness of the vapor barrier can range widely between products. Concrete applications in particular require a 6 mil vapor barrier to be effective.  ECF is the only underlayment with a built in 6 mil vapor barrier, eliminating the need to buy a separate 6 mil barrier and the additional costs to install it.

Premium Underlayment

While the previous two flooring underlayments offer a range of features, this option is considered the best in terms of quality. When you purchase the upgraded option, you’re sure to receive a more durable product that also comes with moisture protection. In addition, this class of underlayment provides acoustical benefits that are ideal for apartment buildings and condominiums.  Eco Cork Foam is the most superior underlayment available in the marketplace for moisture and sound control.  In addition, ECF is infused with anti-bacterial Ultra Fresh treatment, which helps to prevent mold, mildew and bacteria.


This familiar option is ideal for providing comfort and leveling for any home. Thermal insulation, as well as medium range acoustic reductions, make this option a solid choice. However, most cork flooring underlayments do not come with adequate moisture protection.  Eco Cork Foam is a blend of foam and cork which gives it superior sound properties, which are much better than cork alone.

While all of these products have their own benefits and drawbacks, Eco Cork Foam offers the most benefits to any flooring project. Our foam and cork hybrid underlayment brings the best of all worlds to your home. Featuring durability and superior acoustic ratings, ECF is a strong choice for most applications. Contact us today to learn more, or order a roll at today!