No Store. No Problem. Get ECF Online.

Eco Cork Foam Underlayment is available at

For some of us, it seems like there’s a Home Depot on every corner. It does make home improvement projects easier to be able to hop in the car and run down to the big orange box and pick up whatever you need. For others, home improvement projects mean shopping online and doing a little finger crossing to make sure everything is as described. This latter group has grown as the novel Coronavirus has forced many DIYers to divert their in-store shopping to the internet out of fear of exposure.

Well, there’s good news for all of the above. If you’re embarking on a flooring project, Eco Cork Foam Underlayment is available at There’s no need to risk exposure or to drive anywhere to find a store, simply order ECF online and have it delivered. That’s part one of the good news. Part two is this: ECF Underlayment is as promised and more. There’s no finger crossing, no wondering if it’ll work. ECF comes ready-to-install, complete with attached 6 mil vapor barrier and self-sealing seam tape.

Here’s what you need to know to purchase ECF Underlayment at First, you need to know how much you need. Each roll of ECF is 36” wide by 25’ and covers 75 sq. ft. For really big jobs, contractor rolls that cover 300 sq. ft. are available. Next, to complete your order, you’ll need to know where you want your ECF Underlayment delivered. It’s so easy. While you’re at, be sure to check out the resources and reviews. 99% of customers who have used ECF Underlayment recommend it. So, don’t take our word for it, see for yourself!

ECF is manufactured in North Carolina by Palziv, North America. Palziv brings together world-class science and engineering to deliver innovative products, materials and services for the construction, building, automotive, recreational, medical and packaging industries. Every day, we strive to grow our community, working with others to seek sustainable, innovative, market-driven solutions that promote better, safer, and healthier lifestyles and protect the environment for generations to come.