More Questions To Ask Before Investing In Our Quality Laminate Underlayment

As the holiday season comes into full swing, some homeowners are taking a look at their floors and wishing they had taken the time to invest in new materials. If you are about to start your own flooring project this winter, then it’s important to take the proper steps to ensure that your updates are protected for the years to come. One quality material that can provide an exceptional return on your investment is a floor underlayment, which can deliver the support and comfort needed to deliver long-lasting comfort for materials such as hardwood and laminate. While a laminate underlayment can prove to be beneficial, the question remains — is it necessary?

Eco Cork Foam is here to serve as your top-notch laminate underlayment, providing exceptional results that can be experienced on a daily basis. Today, we’ll continue to discuss a few questions that you should ask yourself before buying a roll of our flooring underlayment.

Will this laminate underlayment be installed on the second floor?

One aspect of commercial and residential flooring installations that many people do not consider is the acoustical benefits. If your new flooring is to be installed upstairs, or deployed in a multi-family residence, a floor underlayment can help by providing considerable acoustical benefits. Eco Cork Foam is rated to be among the best acoustical underlayments in the industry, surpassing the standard for impact absorption and airborne sound absorption. We hit the top percentile in Impact Insulation Class (IIC), Sound Transmission Class (STC), and Delta IIC tests. Residential and commercial properties can benefit from the cost-effective results provided by our laminate underlayment!

Can I buy flooring with a pre-attached laminate underlayment?

You certainly can choose to invest in the convenience of a flooring material that has the laminate pre-attached, but keep in mind that you are stuck with the performance provided by this barrier. Eco Cork Foam recommends looking for flooring materials that are separate from the underlayment, as higher-end products will deliver better long-term results. By taking the time to buy these elements separately, you can ensure that your flooring project provides years of quality use.

Can I add your floor underlayment if I already have one pre-attached?

While doubling down on flooring protection may sound like a smart move, the truth is that adding an additional laminate underlayment can actually do more harm than good! A second underlayment can create too much cushion beneath your laminate flooring, stressing the tongues and grooves of your connecting planks and resulting in premature product degradation. Our floor underlayment is only ⅛” thick, providing considerable support and comfort.

Eco Cork Foam is here to serve as your trusted flooring underlayment for a variety of applications. Our polyethylene and granulated cork blend ensures provides the highest level of durability and performance, delivering rigid support to keep your laminate grooves intact after heavy use. Contact us today to learn more about the value of our laminate underlayment, and be sure to buy a roll from your local Home Depot to see the difference for yourself!