Protect New Floors

360° Protection Explained

When we say that Eco Cork Foam Underlayment offers 360° protection, we mean that ECF offers protection from every direction.

We talk about it a lot. ECF Underlayment offers 360° protection. But, what does that really mean? You might think it offers protection all the way around. After all, isn’t that the image that 360° protection evokes? Well, if that’s what you think, you aren’t wrong. But, there’s more to it than that.

When we say that Eco Cork Foam Underlayment offers 360° protection, we mean that ECF offers protection from every direction:

Because it’s designed as underlayment, ECF is engineered, first and foremost, to support flooring installations, including wood, laminate and vinyl flooring. At 1/8” thick, ECF is the perfect combination of tough and tender. As a cushion, ECF promotes even weight distribution, smooths out concrete subfloor imperfections, and preserves vulnerable tongue and groove connections. Securing these joints is critical to maintaining the overall flooring system. Weak joints lead to buckling, gaping and exposure to moisture and debris. Likewise, ECF provides durable, long-lasting comfort under your feet and beyond. With an R rating of 0.48, ECF insulates floors and reduces drafts, preserving your desired climate.

ECF is equally important as a defensive layer between the concrete subfloor and flooring. It may seem counterintuitive, but all concrete subflooring emits moisture vapors over time, and that moisture can damage your new flooring. As the only underlayment available with a built-in 6 mil vapor barrier, ECF provides the most powerful protection available and is precisely the protection you want beneath your new floor.

Likewise, ECF offers superior sound absorption. If you’ve ever lived above or beneath someone else, you know how important this is. Likewise, if you’ve ever had an office over the garage, under your spouse’s treadmill or under a teenager’s anything, you know how noise carries. With ratings of IIC 73, STC 67 and Delta IIC 23, ECF provides superior impact and airborne sound absorption.

Top to Bottom and End to End
Within its proprietary material makeup, ECF offers more beneficial qualities. ECF is infused with antimicrobial technology and made of FSC-certified cork. ECF is eco-friendly, family-friendly and pet-friendly. To read more about these benefits, be sure to check out the blog posts Peace of Mind Antimicrobial Protection and Why We Call it Eco Cork Foam.

Above, below, top to bottom, end to end and every direction in between, ECF provides superior protection, 360° protection, as we call it. Doesn’t every floor deserve this kind of support?

ECF is manufactured in North Carolina by Palziv, North America. Palziv brings together world-class science and engineering to deliver innovative products, materials and services for the construction, building, automotive, recreational, medical and packaging industries. Every day, we strive to grow our community, working with others to seek sustainable, innovative, market-driven solutions that promote better, safer, and healthier lifestyles and protect the environment for generations to come.