2021 Flooring Forecast

A Look Ahead at Flooring Trends for 2021

With 2020 safely in the past, many are looking forward to a project or two in the new year. As folks continue to spend way more time at home than they ever imagined possible, home improvement continues to rise. Meanwhile, flooring projects are gaining in popularity as advancements in flooring products make replacement an easy, cost-effective choice. The difficulty lies in choosing what product and style is best, so we’ve reviewed the top forecasts and pulled together the following trends.

Nature-Inspired Looks Are In

All across the spectrum of trends, from news to interior design, health and wellness are big influencers. As people continue to seek ways to downshift, unplug and de-stress, they turn to nature, and that inevitably spills over into the home. According to Candice Olson, host of Toronto-based home-makeover shows Divine Design and Candice Tells All, this influence will show up in a few different ways in 2021 flooring designs.1 Floor Trends Magazine recently posted a gallery of Olson’s top picks, which focused on floral patterns, soft colors, artisanal textures, and natural wood and stone looks.

Busy Floors Are Out

Across the web, experts at Realtor.com interviewed designers and flooring experts to find out how the new year would influence hardwood flooring in particular. They uncovered four big shifts in flooring that are worth noting. First, texture is taking a backseat to clean, simple wood looks. The same natural influences that Candice Olson referenced were echoed by Page Nazarian of Fame Hardwood in Los Angeles, who noted that the “trend has gone toward a simpler, cleaner-looking floor with little or no texture.”2 Overall, wood flooring will trend towards a more minimal style. Think lighter wood tones with less of a rough-hewn or distressed appearance and less stain.  Likewise, the experts interviewed by Realtor.com suggested that board and plank lengths will be subject to the trend toward serenity, with homeowners seeking longer, less fragmented flooring.

Value Is Always in Style

As the global economy continues to sputter, value is as big an influence as ever in flooring. But that doesn’t mean that flooring manufacturers are looking for ways to cut back. It’s actually just the opposite according to the trend experts at HGTV who say that flooring manufacturers are doubling down on innovation and variety within low-cost favorites such as resilient vinyl flooring. Demand is big for luxury vinyl, especially those products that are indistinguishable from natural stone and wood. Again, we see the influence of nature even on man-made products as flooring manufacturers seek to make products that are sustainable and eco-friendly. According to HGTV, the hottest terms in flooring are “antimicrobial” and “antibacterial,” to which those of us at Eco Cork Foam say, “We’ve got you (under)covered!”3

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