2020 Flooring and Renovation Trends from Our Friends at Houzz

Chances are high that if you’re even thinking about a renovation project, you’ve been to Houzz.com. Houzz has quickly become the Facebook of home enthusiasts, bringing together homeowners and professionals around the world. In 2014, Houzz started surveying their users and conducting research on home trends and the home renovation industry. Houzz Research has become one of our favorite online resources for keeping tabs on flooring trends. Here are a few takeaways from the good folks at Houzz that are worth sharing:

The hottest thing in kitchen flooring continues to be hardwoods, which make up 29% of flooring upgrades this year. Ceramic and porcelain tile come in just behind that at 23%. The surprising news is that vinyl is the only flooring choice gaining in popularity. This magic flooring just keeps getting better and more beloved.

Another great insight was seeing that, among master bathroom renovations, flooring is the third most popular upgrade, falling just behind upgraded faucets and wall finish and coming in ahead of lighting and countertops. Once again, it’s time to fall in love with waterproof, durable vinyl.

The 2020 Renovation Trends found that 85% of renovations are being done by Baby Boomers and Gen X homeowners. Those groups report that they’ve been waiting and saving up to do renovations. That’s good news for those of us in the home improvement industry considering the impact of COVID-19 on the economy.

But, there’s even better news for the renovation world amidst COVID-19. The Houzz Barometer indicates a rebound for the home improvement market in Q3 2020. According to Houzz senior economist Marine Sargsyan, “Confidence has returned to the home renovation and design industry, with many more businesses showing a positive outlook for 2020 than just a few months ago.”

We want to thank the team at Houzz for all they do to keep us inspired, connected and informed.


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