#1 for Concrete Subfloors

The Spruce Names Eco Cork Foam Underlayment as #1 for Concrete Subfloors


With over 20 years of content and 44 million users, The Spruce is becoming one of the leading resources for home improvement, decorating, gardening, and entertaining trends and know-how. They are especially well-known for their product reviews, which are editorial (ie. unpaid) and highly credible. Recently, The Spruce revealed their list of “The 7 Best Floor Underlayments for 2021,” a list which included Eco Cork Foam as the “Best for Concrete Subfloors,” calling attention to the fact that “concrete floors typically require a vapor barrier in addition to underlayment, but this eco-friendly foam serves as both.” 1

Here’s what else the reviewer had to say about Eco Cork Foam Underlayment:

It’s worth noting that the high marks for use with concrete subfloors translate to wood subfloors, too. The built-in vapor barrier that impressed the reviewer is equally beneficial for wood subfloors. The only difference is the way in which the vapor barrier is sealed over concrete. Likewise, the many other benefits noted, such as the insulative, antimicrobial, sound-absorbing and weight-distributing properties, are suited to either subfloor.

Whether you listen to The Spruce or read the reviews at HomeDepot.com, where 99% of customers recommend Eco Cork Foam, the fact is that it’s the only underlayment that offers waterproof, 10-in-1, premium protection. Eco Cork Foam provides unsurpassed support for a variety of flooring applications, including vinyl (5mm or thicker), laminate, attached pad laminate, engineered wood and solid wood floors. If new carpet is in your future, you’ll want to know about our carpet underlayment Lifeproof Carpet Cushion, which is also available through The Home Depot in select states, including Colorado, Minnesota and Washington. It provides the same waterproof and antimicrobial benefits for carpet.

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1 https://www.thespruce.com/best-floor-underlayment-4156383