#1 for Concrete Subfloors

The Spruce Names Eco Cork Foam Underlayment as #1 for Concrete Subfloors   With over 20 years of content and 44 million users, The Spruce

Installation FAQs

Among the many benefits of Eco Cork Foam Underlayment is its simple installation and compatibility with a variety of flooring products. That said, there are

Indoor Air Quality

When we think of air quality, most of us think of smog, smoke or pollen. Your next thought may be that you can’t do much

Vinyl Flooring Install

Vinyl Flooring 101

If you’ve read much about Eco Cork Foam, you know that it’s ideal for use with today’s most popular flooring applications: vinyl (5mm or thicker),

All About Radiant Heat

As cooler weather sets in, a lot of us are testing out our home heating systems and thinking about efficiency. This time of year, we

Frequently Asked Questions

What is underlayment? Underlayment is the name for the product that lives beneath most flooring and carpeting. Flooring underlayment operates as a protective layer between

Some Sound Advice

If you’re prepping for a flooring project and researching underlayment, a good place to start is by recalling your first apartment. If you’re lucky, you’ll