Luxury vinyl planks (LVP) have become a top choice for homeowners, taking the flooring industry by storm. This material is water-resistant or waterproof, affordable, and available in a wide range of styles to best meet your needs and design preferences.

Eco Cork Foam is here to provide complete protection for vinyl flooring systems at least 5 mm in thickness, delivering the support needed for a long-lasting, comfortable surface. Modern advances in the category mean that vinyl flooring durability has improved over the years. Most notably, the thicknesses have increased from 2mm to 6mm, plus. In addition, the core of the vinyl flooring is much more rigid. Click-lock vinyl flooring utilizes an innovative locking system that is similar to laminate flooring systems, creating a high-quality floor system that is easier to install and beautiful to look at. Our product relies on the perfect balance of cross-linked polyethylene foam and FSC-certified cork, delivering unmatched quality and durability for a variety of flooring installation projects in any level of your home.

Do I Need An Underlayment To Install Vinyl Flooring?

One question Eco Cork Foam receives a lot is whether or not a flooring underlayment is needed for luxury vinyl flooring. An underlayment is highly recommended for your new floors if:

  • Your vinyl flooring does not come with a flooring underlayment attached.
  • You plan on installing new flooring over concrete subfloors.
  • Your subfloor is not perfectly smooth.

Eco Cork Foam underlayment cannot be used with all vinyl flooring products. ECF is only approved for use with vinyl flooring 5mm or thicker in residential applications. In addition, please consult with the Flooring Manufacturer’s Installation Instructions prior to starting your project. Improper use may cause poor performance and will result in voiding the ECF underlayment warranty.

Protect Your Investment With ECF

Eco Cork Foam is rated to be the most effective, protective, and affordable flooring underlayment available for vinyl planks, tiles, and more. An underlayment may not be necessary for your floors, but it can prove beneficial to enhance the outcome by helping:

  • Smooth out minor subfloor imperfections
  • Add warmth and comfort
  • Reduce sound transference between floors
  • Protect flooring from moisture exposure
  • Provide support to strengthen locking tongue and groove connections

You can expect the best when you invest in our flooring underlayment. ECF is available to maximize your return on investment, and provide peace of mind knowing your flooring is protected from moisture for a lifetime.

Why wait? Pair your waterproof vinyl flooring with waterproof underlayment!

Ready To Buy A Roll?

Eco Cork Foam is proudly made in the USA and sold exclusively through The Home Depot®. Visit your local store or to try a roll of our top-rated flooring underlayment, and be sure to contact us online if you have any questions. We look forward to serving you!