1. Looks and Feels Great!

    Love this! Coupled it with the bamboo flooring, floated them, and they look and feel great!…Read More

  2. Clean Seam

    Very easy to work with and cut. The overlapping plastic is easy to stick to the other end providing a clean seam.…Read More

  3. Easy to Cut

    Product is very easy to install, easy to cut to form.…Read More

  4. Great Product

    Great product. The Home Depot flooring specialist was able to review the advantages of each underlayment product with me. In the end, for various reasons, the Eco Cork product emerged as the best buy. While more expensive, it offered all of the other features (moisture barrier & reduction, strength, thickness, etc) and also appears to be a natural or "green" product. Great job. It looks like o…Read More

  5. So Much Quieter

    So much quieter than the other brands I have used!…Read More

  6. Easy to Use

    Very easy to use and nice to know it’s environmentally safe.…Read More

  7. Easy to Lay Out

    Easy to lay out. Great product!…Read More

    Project Guy
  8. Best Flooring Underlayment

    This could be the best flooring underlayment for installations over concrete ever made. Great vapor barrier, easy to cut and lays flat.…Read More

  9. Superior Quality.

    Easy to work with. Superior quality. ECF worked perfect with laminate flooring we installed 4 weeks ago. It took away a significant amount of creaking from our old flooring.…Read More