1. Perfect for the Job

    Perfect for the job. My wife and I have been “refreshing” our home for the last year. We’ve gotten pretty good at working together with painting, drywall, and minor woodworking jobs, so I convinced her we could handle replacing our carpet with laminate flooring. After weeks of debate we settled on Winterton Oak laminate flooring. Then, we moved on to underlayments. Again, I researched websit…Read More


    Because your product was more expensive than all the other available products and was listed as the best product to stop noise transfer, I purchased 4 rolls. I was immediately impressed with comfort of walking on the ECF and it's resiliency. Fast forward; the floor is down and complete. After several days my tenant knocked and wanted to know if we don't use the living room anymore as she has not h…Read More

    David M.
  3. Very Easy To Install

    This product was very easy to install. It made my laminate flooring project go smoothly. The thickness of this product helped to cover for the uneven sub floor and it makes the entire floor feel solid and sound like real wood flooring. I did a lot of research and felt that the 6 mil vapor layer and thickness of this product made it the best choice. I would highly recommend this to anyone putting i…Read More

  4. Tough Surface Makes It Easier

    I had about 500 sq ft of Bruce 1/2" thick engineered wood to install over a plywood floor deck with an open basement underneath. After pulling up the old carpet and pad I found that the original builders had been pretty sloppy with their wall texture, spilled paint, globs of glue, and a couple other unidentified materials that made the deck quite rough. I scraped up the worst of the uneven patches…Read More

  5. Solid!

    I had the opportunity to obsess over underlayment this past September. I'm a DIYer by nature, especially in doing research before I do any renovations. My wife and I decided to go ahead and bite the bullet and purchase a beautiful Armstrong acacia tongue and groove engineered wood floor. In doing so, I was faced with hours of research about the installation and underlayment. We would have to float…Read More

    D Rock