Waterproof Top that Helps with Water Retention

I just updated and installed my new LVT floors, and I used another brand name foam product for the previous install and upgraded to this wonderful cork product, this time around. I love that the cork is thick and bounces back when stepped upon and it was easy on my knees to install without needing my knee pads. An added extra bonus is that it has a waterproof top that helps with water retention under the LVT. When I pulled up my old Pergo flooring, I found mold and the remains of water puddles under the flooring, so waterproof products are a must in my old Victorian house. After installing the new LVT with Eco Cork foam underneath it, I noticed that the vinyl floors didn’t feel as stiff as the old thicker particle board floors that I had. This product was also easy to cut and laid down smoothly under the LVT with no bunching up. I would recommend spending the extra mullah on this underlayment, if you’re going to walking constantly on the floor or in high-traffic areas. I was very pleased with the Eco Cork Foam product and would recommend upgrading to this underlayment for any vinyl flooring installation.