Performs Extremely Well

I purchased 5 rolls of Eco Cork Foam underlayment for use under floating engineered stranded bamboo flooring. It is a very tough product and performs extremely well. It is not available at all Home Depot stores so I drove an hour to find it in stock. Net time I’ll plan ahead and order the 300 sq ft roll ahead of time. I originally used the red rosin paper suggested by Home Depot, even though their own Home Decorator instructions advises using #15 asphalt felt paper. After much research and speaking to a VP at ECF I was convinced of the extra benefits of using Eco Cork Foam, and I am very glad I spent the extra money. I had a few low spots up to a half inch in my subfloor and needed to remove my newly installed flooring to even the floor out. I did not realize how much a non-flat surface could affect a floating floor. Do not skip checking your subfloor, it does not need to be level, but it does need to be flat! The cork has several benefits; sound absorption, insulation, and also will compensate for small imperfections in the subfloor that may be present from a masonry floor leveler such as Henry 555. After using both the red rosin paper (which has the strength of a piece of tablet paper) and now the ECF cork underlayment, I would never use anything else and in spite of having to do this job twice I am actually glad that I did due to the benefits of the ECF underlayment. It is designed to work over both concrete and wood subfloors and has a built in vapor barrier, but be sure to follow the easy to understand instructions. (seal the barrier flap for concrete, but fold the flap and do not seal for wood subfloors. It’s a shame that you have to cover it up, but you will know that its there.