Built for Today’s Floors

Eco Cork Foam is the only underlayment with a built-in 6 mil moisture/vapor barrier. Flooring manufacturers often require the installation of a separate barrier to protect your flooring from moisture. But with ECF, you get the highest level of 360° protection available for the lifetime of your floors.

ECF’s moisture barrier underlayment provides protection against moisture which will function and last throughout the life of your new floors. In addition, ECF is the best solution for installing flooring on concrete subfloors, including basement applications. Whether you need a quality laminate underlayment, hardwood flooring underlayment or underlayment for your vinyl plank flooring, ECF has you covered!

Our quality flooring underlayment was also engineered to perform optimally for flooring systems with varying plank thicknesses, widths, and tongue-and-groove connections.

ECF is one of the most sought after underlayments on the market, recognized as a real single-step underlayment fully compliant with floor manufacturing recommendations. Reduce mistakes and waste while saving time with our premium cork flooring underlayment.

Browse our site to learn more and to buy a roll that enhances the quality and longevity of your laminate, engineered hardwood or luxury vinyl flooring.