Eco Cork Foam® underlayment is infused throughout with Ultra-Fresh high performance antimicrobial technology.  Ultra-Fresh offers odor control, stain protection and prevents product degradation.  Installing Eco Cork Foam® in your home provides you with piece of mind confidence in knowing that your underlayment will remain protected from microbial growth.

Ultra-Fresh Cleans Where you Can’t.

Overtime, dirt and moisture finds their way to the underside of flooring and can remain trapped on top of the underlayment.  Regular underlayment materials without antimicrobial protection become colonized with microbes that can eventually eat away at the underlayment, generating unwanted musty odours and unsightly staining in the process.

Ultra-Fresh is a safe and effective treatment that works by creating an inhospitable environment so microbes aren’t able to feed, grow and multiply.  The result is a long lasting durable underlayment product that will remain clean and fresh for years to come.

Healthy floors

*Ultra-Fresh is a registered trademark of Thomson Research Associates, Inc.
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